Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Worst Governor in America

Yes, indeed, team. New York governor Andrew Cuomo is the worst governor in America. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call him the Lord High Executioner for the coronavirus.

Now, in his latest insane decision, Gov. Cuomo has chosen to give coronavirus vaccines to drug addicts-- ahead of giving them to senior citizens. Evidently, seniors are at the greatest risk, but the woke governor, who presumably receives more votes from drug addicts, has chosen to push them down the line.

Hot Air has the story, (via Maggie’s Farm) beginning with a tweet from Rep. Elise Stefanik:

The Worst Governor in America streak continues …

This time prioritizing vaccines for drug addicts over tens of thousands of seniors who have been home bound since the start of the pandemic.

An absolute disgrace👇

— Elise Stefanik (@EliseStefanik) December 28, 2020

The story continues, pointing out that media darling Cuomo can do whatever he pleases because no one calls him out on it. In fact, he is praised and rewarded for having produced more coronavirus deaths than any other state:

When you’re the governor who probably killed more senior citizens than all of the serial killers in American history combined by forcing nursing homes to take in potential COVID carriers without requiring testing, let’s just say this isn’t a good look. Cuomo got off to a good start by putting nursing homes at the top of the list for vaccines, but that was already part of the CDC guidance and pretty much every state in the country was doing it. The New York Governor could have upped his game a bit by extending vaccinations to all seniors over the age of 65 or at least the ones whose doctors indicate that they have ongoing medical issues.

Instead, Cuomo decided to make those seniors wait and polish his woke credentials. And one of the congresswomen from his own state called him out on it in a very public way. But why should Cuomo care? He’s the Teflon Don, after all. Nothing seems to ever lay a glove on his political fortunes in the Empire State.


Sam L. said...

I take it that now you know who NOT to vote for gov and mayor...

n.n said...

The Man from Planned Parent/hood. #BadChoices #WickedSolutions