Thursday, December 10, 2020

Follow the Science

Our overlords have told us-- follow the science. Or, should we call them our Piet Pipers.

They are acting as though science is settled, that it presents absolute truths and that we have no right to question it. If you question the science you will no longer be posting on Twitter.

Anyway, Simon Black, of the Sovereign Man blog, opens his column by quoting no less than Richard Feynman, one of America’s and the world’s greatest scientists. As opposed to people like Al Gore, who know nothing about science, Feynman knew that the science is never fully settled.

In Feynman’s words:

Scientific knowledge is a body of statements of varying degrees of certainty — some most unsure, some nearly sure, but none absolutely certain.

As Black points out, those who see science as settled and certain are really dealing in authoritarian propaganda. One might say that they are trafficking in religious dogma-- unquestioned and indisputable.

Black ironizes about scientific certainty in this list of so-called facts:

Yet now we’re being force fed a narrative that science is absolute and 100% certain… and that, above all else, we must listen to the scientists.

Or, more precisely, we must listen to the scientists they want us to listen to.

We must listen to the scientists, for example, who tell us that 2+2 = white supremacy.

We must listen to the scientists who tell us that biology no longer determines sex.

And we absolutely must listen to the scientists who tell us to cower in fear in our homes because of a virus.

We must listen to the scientists who say that unmasked BLM protestors packed together like sardines are not a danger to spreading the virus because of the righteousness of their cause.

We must listen to the scientists at the WHO that told us in late March to NOT wear masks, and then, oops, just kidding, please do wear masks.

We must listen to the scientists who tell us that we need to keep our masks on, and then take their own masks off as soon as they’re no longer on camera.

We must listen to the scientists who tell us to cancel everything and not spend time with friends and family, who then themselves hop on a plane to visit their own friends and family.

We must listen to the scientists who agree that cannabis dispensaries, acupuncture clinics, and casinos are “essential businesses”, but masked worshipers six feet apart in churches and synagogues must be forced to stay home under threat of imprisonment.

We must listen to the scientists who tell us that the national debt doesn’t matter, and the government can simply print as much money as it wants and give out free money to everyone without any consequences ever.

We must listen to the scientists who tell us that standing on wet sand is safe, but standing on dry sand will spread the Coronavirus.

We must listen to the scientists who tell us we need to do whatever it takes to prevent a single Covid death… but that deaths due to suicide, heart attack, and stroke are perfectly fine, and so are domestic violence, drug addiction, and depression.

And we must listen to the scientists who tell us that an unproven vaccine devoid of any long-term study is completely safe and effective.

Yes. Those are the scientists we must listen to.


jmod46 said...

I have no doubt Feynman is spinning in his grave, having observed what science has become. One of his other quotes comes to mind, especially regarding something like climate science:

"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory, it doesn't matter how smart you are, if it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong."

Ares Olympus said...

Doubting the law of gravity allows quick correction given science and common sense, so some things we're lucky when intuition agrees.

The hardest choice is certainly people in positions of authority, knowing good and less good science exists, and even the good science can be wrong, so what do you do? I see ultimately a leader needs intuition and science and worries about both. So if you're in power, you shouldn't deny danger and say "Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life." just because things worked out for you personally.

We know authority figures can fail us, like authorities in Flint Michigan who said the water was fine when they changed water sources to a dirty acidic river water capable of corroding pipes. They claimed science said it was safe and (even Obama drank a glass) but having an actual paid expert doing analyzing water samples from every home could have shown otherwise much sooner. YET, we know endless things to fear, so we do have to trust someone is paying attention to dangers and can somehow prove it when it will reduce unnecessary harm. Money helps science too, and probably caring helps more.