Friday, December 18, 2020

Will There Be a Reckoning for Joe Biden?

Victor Davis Hanson thinks that divine retribution is just around the corner. Retribution for whom, you might ask. Well, for Joe Biden, primarily. Considering the way the media and the political class treated Donald Trump, perhaps the god Nemesis will visit the same on Biden. Like for like; measure for measure.

As Biden and his team call for unity some people on the right are not about to forget the years of abuse that they heaped on Republicans and even on President Trump. 

Now that Democrats and the radical left have gotten their way, they have calmed down a bit. They have ceased their petulant child routine and are looking to conciliate.

But, considering their performance during the Trump administration, why would anyone trust their motives?

After all, the Biden campaign was not really a campaign. The media allowed Biden to hide in his basement. They stifled any story that might make Biden look bad. If you were worrying about Communist Party control of media in certain countries, you should look at the way the American media, especially the social media, has behaved.

Hanson sums it up:

Once the last of the other Democratic-primary candidates dropped out and Biden was nominated, all prior negative media stories about his apparent cognitive decline and his family’s financial entanglements disappeared. From April 2020 on, a virtual news blackout surrounded Biden. His rare interviews were scripted. Biden communiqu├ęs were teleprompted. Press conferences were either nonexistent or revolved around his favorite milkshake or his socks.

Mentions of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine were taboo. It was sinful to reference reports of a Hunter Biden email allegedly detailing a 10 percent distribution of such revenue to the “Big Guy” — identified as Joe Biden by Hunter Biden’s business partner.

Of course, the Biden family is a corrupt enterprise. Everyone knows it, but no one is allowed to say so. 

Now, Hanson notes, Biden will have to engage with world leaders. He will need to lead cabinet meetings. He will have to take questions from the press.

And, America is going to see what it put in the White House:

A President Biden cannot avoid the press forever. He will soon face unscripted meetings with foreign leaders. He will have to meet dozens of movers and shakers each week. Is he or the nation prepared for the consequences of his return to normality after nearly a year of media fawning and forced isolation?


Biden will enter office with an ethical cloud hanging over his head — one that could have been vetted and adjudicated rather than blacked out for most of 2020. His son, brother, and perhaps family associates may talk if faced with FBI and IRS probes, if not a special-counsel investigation.

Hanson imagines that there will be a special counsel investigating the Biden family crime syndicate. He is, dare we say, optimistic.

Hanson imagines that a special counsel will hound Biden, just as Robert Mueller hounded Trump. He imagines that Biden might even be impeached.

But, for this to happen, Republicans will need to grow a spine. It seems currently to be unlikely. And the mainstream media will also need to treat Biden the way it treated Trump-- the better to place Kamala Harris in the oval office.

From what we have seen, this still feels highly unlikely. It is just as likely that Biden promises not to fire the United States Attorney who is investigating his son, and that Biden’s Attorney General does precisely that. At that point, the media will rise up to cheer for Biden. They will denounce the U. S. Attorney as a Trump stooge… and the story will go away.


Dan Patterson said...

I do wish Hansen and others were right about the celestial reckoning that is due Biden and the throngs of lizards that are the elite class but experience teaches otherwise. No balancing of the books, no payment due on demand, no public takedown, nothing. Nothing.
Each of them will walk away from the wreck they caused without a hair out of place. As you do your best to make ends meet and live a calm and free life they stand idly above you demanding their entitled and ever-increasing portion of your earnings, pissing in your face and declaring it a warm spring rain.
Complain? You'd better not! Compare today's chaos to yesterday's contentment? How.Dare.You. Walk a path different from that prescribed by your betters? Prepare for your punishment.
No, there will not be a reckoning for Joe Biden; he has been welcomed into the fold of godlike ruling beings and his life of public service has been framed without dissent. He will be proclaimed the antidote for the poison that is our freedom. All hail.

trigger warning said...

I like that collective noun: a throng of lizards.

I have one: a screech of Progressives.

jmod46 said...

The installation of Kamala to her rightful place (The Presidency) is more complex than it appears at first blush. If it happens too soon, some low information voters might actually feel like they were played by the Democrats. If Joe is allowed to stay in office too long, it is inevitable he will sniff the hair of Queen Elizabeth or something along those lines. That would be something even the NYT would have trouble covering up.

370H55V said...

At his age and given his condition, the probability is not insignificant that Joe might leave office by means other than human intervention in the next two years.

Sam L. said...

TW, I'm more of a "NILE of crocodiles" kind of guy.