Friday, November 1, 2013

Advice from Joel Osteen

Some advice from Joel Osteen, via Gawker, of all places!

Very Important Friendship Advice from Joel Osteen


Dennis said...

It has always fascinated me that so many people believe they have a lot of friends when what they really have is associates. One finds that out the minute they challenge the status quo in any direction.
One is very lucky to have one or two true friends in their life time. In order to have a friend one would have to be a friend and that seldom happens.
The real question is, What are you going to do when a "friend" becomes "persona non grata," disagrees with you politically, et al? One sees the answer demonstrated a thousand times a day. One has to first give what the expect to receive themselves. Pretty ease ideas to work with, but almost never happens in real life.
Example: feminists and feminism wants respect and how do they go about getting it? By disrespecting everyone and every thing else. Politicians want respect and how do they try to get it? By name calling, pejoratives and invective. One could work through almost any endeavor where respect, et al, is involved and the opposite of respect is extant.
When one looks at life it is really pretty simple. Give what you expect to receive. A "Golden Rule" so to speak.

Sam L. said...

Sooooooooooo. What friend will walk in and rub out Obamacare?

The Dark Lord said...

no true friend of mine ever rubbed out my mistakes ... they would remind me of prior mistakes when they saw me trying another one ... I would say Joel doesn't get it ... a friend is not just a cheerleader ...