Thursday, November 21, 2013

When You've Lost Frank Rich...

When you’ve lost Frank Rich ….

Here’s Rich’s take on Barack Obama and the Obamacare fiasco:

But the biggest mystery may still remain. How could a president whose signature achievements include the health-care law and two brilliantly tech-centric presidential campaigns screw this up so badly? How could he say evenas late as September 26 that the site would work “the same way you shop for a TV on Amazon”? How could he repeatedly make the false promise that all Americans could keep their insurance plans, and then take so long to recognize that he was wrong and mobilize to correct it? This is hardly Kathleen Sebelius’s fault. It is Barack Obama’s fault — a failure of management for sure, and possibly one of character. There is something rotten in the inner-management cocoon of the White House, and if the president doesn’t move to correct it, his situation will truly be hopeless for the rest of this term.

If this is what your most ardent supporter is saying....


Anonymous said...

Frank Rich is finally waking up to the character issue. Welcome back to reality, Frank.

To answer all of Frank's vexing questions, I have a singular response: he doesn't care.

ObamaCare has nothing to do with healthcare, and everything to do with Obama.

Say your prayers for the health and long life of the current Supreme Court Justices, because you are going to be blown away by the liberal nuts this guy will nominate in his second term. Kagan is but a sneak preview. No one's liberty will be safe.


Unknown said...

Obama appears to believe that his job is to go around the country giving pep talk speeches rather than manage the affairs of the country.

Sam L. said...

I think he believes it's his job to give speeches while MISmanaging the affairs of the county.

Lastango said...

Hillary must have let it be known that she intends to campaign against the existing Administration and it's programs. The pitch will be that the nation needs her smarts and policy wonkishness to fix this and other Obamaite messes. If only the Democratic Party had chosen her instead, this could all have been avoided!

Rich et al will be helping all along the way. First come the expressions of concern. There are Democrats in the House and Senate that already know they need to run against the Administration too, so the wheels of the communication machine need to start turning now to support all the new, born-again Blue Dogs.

n.n said...

How? How, you ask? He was watching a video, of course. Now sit down and shut up.

In any case, who wants this kind of "reform". There are obvious implications of a solution which consists of expanded Medicaid and progressive total costs.

Why not dismember it; vacuum it; and flush it? It's ironic that Democrats, in the majority, oppose individual choice, and cleave to a dysfunctional clump of policies and regulations as if it were an innocent human life.

Anonymous said...

Because it offers the ruling class such grand, compelling television!

And really, the Democrats can't lose in the long-term, because centralized control is where we're going.