Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fatherhood Today

Here he is, a modern American father.

His teenage son has just got his drivers’ license. Naturally, it’s  bittersweet moment.

His first thought: the kid might go out and wreck the family car.

But, fear not. It’s insured.

His second thought: the kind might go out and wrap himself and the car around a tree.

No problem. He’s insured.

Isn’t it slightly bizarre that this caring Dad worries more about whether he is going to have to pick up the tab for his son’s potentially horrific injuries than he thinks of how he can help his child avoid the injuries?

Because, after all, when you visit your child in the ER your first thought is: thank God I don’t have to pay for this!


Besides, why does it seem so normal for this father to hand over the keys the minute his son gets a drivers' license?

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Sam L. said...

"His second thought: the * kind * might go out..."

I see this ad addressed not to the dad, but the kid.