Sunday, November 17, 2013

College Grads on the Job

Is this the new American dream?

You graduate from college—these girls are a little old for high school—and you land your first job—waiting on tables.

All of that time, money and studying offers you a chance to start out in adult life underemployed. You console yourself by thinking that at least you have health insurance.

Apparently, this scenario is something that young college grads can relate to.

It might seem strange to some of us, but these girls are happy.

First, they have no career prospects.

Second, if they are only eating ramen noodles they are malnourished. (If they keep it up they are going to need that insurance.)

Third, they have discovered the joy of getting free stuff from the government.

Maybe I missed something, but wasn’t the great innovation from Obamacare allowing recent college grads could be covered on their parents’ insurance?


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Sam L. said...

Another of these said something alluding to free condoms/birth control.