Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sam the Keg Man

Sam is cool. Sam is about to fall off the keg and break his neck. No problem: Sam has insurance.

obamacare ads

Doesn’t this give you the impression that these ads are encouraging young people to engage in risky behavior? Does anyone other than the Obama ad team believe that your biggest worry when you crack your neck is the cost?

I do not know how much time and energy went into creating this ad, but the team should at least have corrected the typos. It says that Sam is “gargolying.”

The right spelling of this new bit of urban argot is: gargoyling. I looked the term up. It’s about as disgusting as you think it is. I will spare you the details.

At the bottom left, the ad referenced a website called:

All of that college, all of those studies, all of that money and you end up perched on a mini-keg, drunk and illiterate.

For the record, I tried to go to the site in question. My McAfee anti-virus software calls it a “suspicious site.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Welcome to the Age of Obama.


vanderleun said...

You are doing G_d's deconstruction work this morning.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Someone has to do it....

Sam L. said...

And doing it well.

Unknown said...

Well, they did accomplish one thing: They brought attention to their ads.

Anonymous said...

You mean you can hurt yourself with a keg?