Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Knock-Out Game: A War Against Whites

People are beginning to take notice. It’s called “the knock-out game” and it’s spreading across the country.

A black youth, usually accompanied by friends, walks up to a white or Asian stranger and sucker punches him. He will be trying to knock his victim out with one punch.

In certain areas of New York City, the victims have been singled out for being Jewish.

Naturally, the story has been virtually ignored by the media. Even though black-on-white violence is far more prevalent than white-on-black violence the media prefers to cast its withering gaze on whites who commit violence against blacks.

As for the New York Jewish community, it has been AWOL on the subject. It does not want to give offense.

Thomas Sowell offers some perspective:

Attacks of this sort have been rampant in St. Louis. But they have also occurred in Massachusetts, Wisconsin and elsewhere. In Illinois the game has often been called "Polar Bear Hunting" by the young thugs, presumably because the targets are white.

The main reason for many people's surprise is that the mainstream media have usually suppressed news about the "knockout game" or about other and larger forms of similar orchestrated racial violence in dozens of cities in every region of the country. Sometimes the attacks are reported, but only as isolated attacks by unspecified "teens" or "young people" against unspecified victims, without any reference to the racial makeup of the attackers or the victims -- and with no mention of racial epithets by the young hoodlums exulting in their own "achievement."

Those older and wiser are bemoaning it as a sign that certain youths are alienated from society. No one dares say that it has anything to do with race.

Sowell is a bit more tough-minded so he gets closer to the point:

Despite such pious phrases as "troubled youths," the attackers are often in a merry, festive mood. In a sustained mass attack in Milwaukee, going far beyond the dimensions of a passing "knockout game," the attackers were laughing and eating chips, as if it were a picnic. One of them observed casually, "white girl bleed a lot."

That phrase -- "White Girl Bleed A Lot" -- is also the title of a book by Colin Flaherty, which documents both the racial attacks across the nation and the media attempts to cover them up, as well as the local political and police officials who try to say that race had nothing to do with these attacks.

There is no rule that obliges alienated youths to play “the knock out game.” Those who try to explain away the behavior are telling young people that what they are doing is understandable, even acceptable.

Perhaps they have gotten the message that white and especially Jewish Americans owe them something. Perhaps they believe that they must take what is not given. Perhaps they believe that they are setting a score or striking out against injustice.

If young people find this to be a fun thing to do, they must have gotten what they see as a green light from someone.  

Given how empathic everyone is, no one dares to condemn them. Everyone is feeling their pain.

The knock-out game is not, Sowell explains, an innocent bit of amusement:

People have been beaten unconscious, both in this game and in the wider orchestrated racial attacks. Some of these victims have been permanently disabled and some have died from their injuries.

But most of the media see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. In such an atmosphere, the evil not only persists but grows.

Some in the media, as well as in politics, may think that they are trying to avoid provoking a race war by ignoring or playing down these attacks. But the way to prevent a race war is by stopping these attacks, not trying to sanitize them.

If these attacks continue, and continue to grow, more and more people are going to know about them, regardless of the media or the politicians. Responsible people of all races need to support a crackdown on these attacks, which can provoke a white backlash that can escalate into a race war. But political expediency leads in the opposite direction.

At the least, these disaffected youth know that they can get away with whatever they are doing.

They know that the media is not going to call them out. They know that the civil rights leadership will either look the other way or will portray them as victims. And they know that law enforcement, in the hands of Eric Holder will happily ignore them. As for America’s first African-American president, he has nothing to say at all.

Sowell writes:

… Attorney General Eric Holder is [launching] campaigns against schools that discipline a "disproportionate" number of black male students. New York City's newly elected liberal mayor is expected to put a stop to police "stop and frisk" policies that have reduced the murder rate to one-fourth of what it was under liberal mayors of the past.

Apparently, the election of the first African-American president has not brought us an era of racial comity.

Who knew?


Dennis said...

JP beat me to it. I would guess that this happens most in "blue area" and places with gun control laws that favor the criminal, and few Concealed Carry permits.
Given NYC choice of mayor I am recommending that people do not visit the city because of the danger now involved. Save your money and save your life.

Sam L. said...

Why we don't trust Dems and the media, and worry about giving young blacks the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

The most cruel thing in all of this is that blacks are treated as a victim class. This is fundamentally demeaning. The race-obsessed people who excuse this kind of terror-based "game" are enablers who provide violent lunatics with rationalizations. Such activist enablers don't just say that black people don't have opportunity. No, no, no... they're really saying most black don't stand a chance, that they're screwed from birth, that their life is effectively over. They say black violence isn't a choice, but rather a natural reaction to the injustice of America. Many white people gain a sense of moral superiority by feeling sorry for black people. This shows the power of the most insidious and destructive of all human emotions: pity. It breeds despair. Hope is a very powerful thing, and left-wing policies take it away from blacks at every turn. Nowhere is this more prominent than in urban education. Vouchers? Nope, urban leaders have decided that teachers unions are more important than the student's future opportunities. The results are devastating. The idea that we would excuse or be indifferent to a "game" that based on blatantly premeditated, psycho-sociopathic behavior because the perpetrator is black tells you everything that's wrong with race relations today. The game's "objective" leads to innocents being injured, maimed or killed for no other reason than they are Jews, Asians and whites. That's why "hate crime" laws are so Orwellian: "Some people are more equal than others." No concerned white citizen can share their concerns about racial subjects or suggest alternatives to victim-based racial orthodoxy without being labeled, paraded and ostracized as a racist pariah by those who make their living dealing in race-baiting… the same people who promote programs that institutionalize poverty. Meanwhile, mainstream, urban black society continues to fall behind in every economic category, despite incredible sums of money spent to "help" them. This is not kind, compassionate or enlightened. It's patent indifference to the real suffering of others. Racial pandering is dangerous, and it destroys lives. It shows the destruction of individual dignity at the altar of groupthink. It's disgusting. Cruelty begets cruelty until someone says "Enough!" Has everyone had enough yet?


Dr. Mabuse said...

This will stop when all whites carry concealed firearms, and immediately open fire en masse when any of "them" attacks one of "us". Not waiting until it's self-defense, because that leaves each individual to fend for himself in his moment of danger. But acting as a militia, so that the marauding Orcs suddenly find themselves outnumbered and crushed. When black punks know that this sort of "fun" will ensure they never make it home alive, they'll stop.

Anonymous said...

I've not heard of this before, and sounds like it started in Saint Louis.

I don't know what to make of the lack of national MSM attention. Is it really any different than any other criminal assault, deserving police action?

It makes a good scare story for people who want to feel innocent and immune to senseless violence, or those who want a reason to believe carrying a gun will make them safer.

Perhaps the Main stream media doesn't want to run the story/stories for fear of leading to copycats, although with the internet, in virally dumb idea can propagate instantly.

How should the media play this? Very carefully is my only clear answer.

Memphis said...

Anyone who expected the election of Barack Obama to bring about racial harmony instead of greater racism and anti-white violence is a fool, a useful idiot choosing to close their eyes to reality. Perhaps a few rounds of polar bear hunting with them as the polar bear might wake them up?

Lastango said...

Like SWAT teams, Knock-Out is a natural fruit of the growing sense of entitlement of protected, consequence-free political classes. Consider this 30-second, famous video clip:

It's a small step from the free mortgage and gas to "I'll be able to do whatever I want." That's what Knock-Out is. That's why the attackers are in a celebratory mood... just like the welfare queen in the video.