Sunday, November 17, 2013

Girls Doing Shots

I’m sure that this reveals my age, but I can’t quite relate to a conga line of young women doing shots off a ski.

obamacare ads

The clever ad people—evidently, they’re from Colorado—think it’s amusing. They were inspired to play off the pun—it’s also a homonym-- between tequila shots and flu shots.

If that’s the extent of their creative originality, they should start looking for a different line of work.

The message, such as it is: Obamacare offers free flu shots.

I’m not sure what it’s costing their parents to keep them on their policies, but in my neighborhood flu shots cost about $25.00. Slightly more than the birth control—that costs $8.00 a month.

Here’s a trivia question?

Why did Obamacare wreck the insurance business?

Answer: To give everyone can have a free flu shot.

If you can't afford a flu shot your problems are not going to fixed by Obamacare. If you think that you have to choose between a few extra tequila shots and a flu shot, you problems are not going to be solved by Obamacare either.

But, do physicians recommend flu shots for women who are in the ski shots age group? Anyone can get a flu shot and perhaps it’s a good idea for everyone to do so, but normally they are recommended only for the geriatric set, the people who are most vulnerable to infection.

The girls doing the ski shots are ecstatic over having saved $25.00. If their first thought is: now I can have more tequila shots off of skis during winter break, then clearly they will have no problem finding a man to pay for all the shots they want. Duh?

But, why is this Obamacare ad team trying to turn these girls into alcoholics?

I suspect that in the next round of ads the team will tout the fact that it’s not just the flu shots that are covered. Rehab is too.

The ads will not tell them that AA is free.


Sam L. said...

Stupid girls. Thinking like feminists. They want what they want and somebody else needs to buy it for them.

Mat said...

i need to see a picture of the ads in use to believe it isnt a joke.

Anonymous said...


It's not a joke. It's a campaign to appeal directly to a core Obama constituency: people who want things for free so that expected consequences of ridiculous behavior don't apply to them, or get paid for by taxpayers. This is today's under-40 Democrat.

It's real.

The ads:

Snopes verification:

Bon appetit.


Nick said...

uhh, Tip, there's nothing free about Obamacare for 20-somethings.
We're paying for you. It's your generation screwing over mine again.

Dennis said...


I would suspect that if you actually looked around you will find a large number of people like Tip, Sam L, Stuart, myself, et al who are trying to keep you from getting screwed. You might want to aim some of that animus towards the left, feminists, democrats, RINOs, et al and a significant segment of the younger generation, largely young women, who think using your money to get free birth control pills is what you owe them because they exist. It should not surprise you that women who used the vast majority of healthcare pay far less for that healthcare than men who don't typically use it until later in life under Obamacare.
You might want to look at the people who are really behind most of this. A lot of us with children and grandchildren do not want to see them stuck with the debt built up by the "Me" generation at the expense of anon other than themselves.
It might behoove you to stop complaining and join with those of us who are trying to put a stop to this madness. I know that in my more cynical moment I tend to blame the 60s generation for most of this, but there were a large number, not those who protested, who just lived their lives and tried to be good Americans. Trying to create generational warfare is as useless as creating class warfare if one wants to really change this country for the better. A little "ask not what your country can do for you" will go a long way to saving us from a socialist nightmare. Know who your friends are and join with them to change the dialogue..

Dennis said...

One might want to ask themselves why there is this emphasis on young women, an attack on marriage and the attempt to denigrate maleness? It has a lot to do with these ads,

Anonymous said...

Nick, I appreciate that you think you're paying for me. I can assure you I am a healthy 42-year-old male, and you're not paying for anything yet. I won't be on ObamaCare until I'm forced to. Before you put a flag in the ground about generational warfare, please consider that I'm a Generation X'er, smooshed between the Boomers (the entitled, spoiled, moralizing generation) and Generation Y/Millenials (the special, trophy kids who are very close to mommy and daddy). Gen Y went BIG for Obama, his soaring rhetoric and empty resume, because he "spoke" to them. Well, he spoke to everyone with the same empty promises. And whether or not it is actually free is irrelevant. It was sold as free or on a bunch of nonsense about lowering costs. People like Sandra Fluke said the government or a Catholic university should pay for birth control. I submit you're not getting screwed. You're getting change you can believe in, regardless of whether it works as advertised/promised. To Dennis' point, please keep in mind politicians are not in the business of helping you, which is why we have the Constitution we have in the first place, provided it is followed. The Messiah doesn't care about the Constitution, your generation or you. He cares about power. Period.

n.n said...

Women will remain available for sexual and taxable activities.
thanks obamacare!

All of these ads have an underlying slut theme, which is unlikely to be a simple fluke. They are designed with an appeal to the democratic demographic, which dreams of money, sex, and ego instant or immediate gratification without consequences.

n.n said...
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n.n said...


It is a campaign for evolutionary fitness. However, fitness is not as it is generally understood. It may merely be a property of a select minority, which exploit the majority for their evolutionary benefit. The normalization of human sacrifice, and degradation of human life to a commodity, are evidence that the latter interpretation is correct. Anyway, Obamacare is a penalty imposed on survivors of abortion, etc.

Dennis said...

I suspect if the young people who are the audience for these ads actually took the time to see how they are stereotyped and depicted they might be enraged by it. These ads are such a gross caricature of the younger generation that they should be offended.
I would posit that the people who did these ads think that young people are too dumbed down to notice.