Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cologne. Germany: Where Were the Men?

What happens to women when a nation gives itself over to feminist ideology? Women get more opportunity, more empowerment and more participation in business and government.

At the same time, women leaders in feminist nations like Germany and Scandinavian have opened their nations’ doors to a million Muslim immigrants. To say the least, these people come from a culture that practices the most brutal forms of misogyny on the planet today.

At the same time, a women-run, women-empowered culture also smacks of weakness and decadence. When gangs assaulted women in the central square of Cologne, the female mayor responded by telling women that they should keep their distance from men and walk around in groups. The other word for that is surrender; she was saying that her government could not guarantee the safety of citizens in the city’s centrally square.

Of course, the multicultural left, always willing to sacrifice a few women on the altar of political correctness, has suggested that we all need to guard ourselves against Islamophobia.

During the Bill Clinton impeachment brouhaha we saw that feminists cared more about their cause than they did about women, especially women rape victims. If the perpetrator was a champion of the feminist cause he got a pass.

Compare the treatment of Bill Clinton with that of Clarence Thomas, a half-dozen years earlier. Thomas was accused of making inappropriate and off-color remarks to his subordinate, Anita Hill. The outcry and outrage was so palpable that you would have thought that a new Holocaust had descended on America. Members of Congress from both parties were falling all over themselves to declare that sexual harassment in the workplace was the worst thing that could ever happen to a woman. A few years later, Bill Clinton’s assaults on women were laughed off by Democratic politicians and feminist leaders.

Nowadays, if accused rapists are white fraternity brothers, feminists are up in arms. Even if the stories are outright lies. If the accused rapists are Muslim immigrants, feminists turn their backs on the rape victims. Feminists have been expressing outrage over rape culture, but one suspects that they are less interested in the victims of rape or abuse than they are in using the meme to advance their cause.

How can you tell? The feminist reaction to the assaults around Germany is less about the horrors that were visited on the women than about a remark made by the Mayor of Cologne. These same feminists are not up in arms against the men who have committed these attacks. they want to change consciousness before they want to change behavior.

Kirsten Powers now suggests that the pendulum has swung and that today’s feminists are no longer willing to tolerate sexual abuse. Since Powers ignores the feminist attacks on Clarence Thomas we should assume that her views are ideologically driven.

Powers seems to believe that the best sign of outrage is that feminists are now willing to suspend the rule of law when a woman accuses a man of rape. Unsaid is the idea that this applies most particularly when the accused are white male fraternity members or other privileged males. Powers seems to think it’s fine that men can lose the presumption of innocence and the right to due process on college campuses. They also lose the right to confront their accuser or to a trial by their peers. Many other feminists believe the same thing. Do they care about how easily such a new legal system would be subjected to abuse? Not at all.

This means that ideology trumps the rule of law. It means that ideologues are willing to ditch the bases of our criminal justice system in order to demonstrate how outraged they are… and also to take the risk of persecuting a few innocent men. Of course, to be fair, from the feminist perspective men are never really innocent; they are all rapists and abusers beneath the skin.

Continuing her wrong-headed exposition Powers is thrilled to see that Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby are being taken to task, even indicted for their crimes. And yet, she does not notice that a large majority of the nation’s women still want to put Bill Clinton’s No. 1 enabler in the White House.

Feminists are attacking rape culture because they want to diminish and demean and punish men, especially white men. By the evidence of the feminist mayor of Cologne they are less interested in attacking the men who have committed the crimes. And they are unwilling to protect the victims. The same applies in Scandinavian countries where feminist leaders have been trying to show empathy for rapists.

As a result of the war on men, men have been so thoroughly weakened and that women have no protection against non-white predatory males. Rather than sending out Dad or brother to beat such men to a pulp, feminists want potential rapists receive more sensitivity training about how rape is wrong. Somehow or other feminist rage is not very much of a deterrent. It’s nice to have strong feelings. The real question is: what happens in practice?

Feminists should try to answer the question that commenter Marsh asked on this blog yesterday. When it was all happening in Cologne, where were the men?

Feminism notwithstanding men are instinctively inclined to protect women. If a woman is living away from home and is attacked by a man, her father will feel that he has failed to protect her. He might be living thousands of miles away but he will still feel responsible for protecting her. Men are normally willing to fight to the death to protect their wives and daughters.

And yet, feminists have declared that they do not want male protection. They do not even want men to signal their strength by opening doors for women or carrying heavy luggage. Feminists have taught that male courtesy toward the fair sex assumes that women are the weaker sex. Such assumptions are keeping women out of positions of political power where they could advance the feminist agenda by allowing more misogynist males into their countries.

Furthermore, feminists have taught that women are strong and empowered because every time you speak of a woman you are now obliged to say that she is strong and empowered. Since female weakness is nothing but a social construct once we intone—repeat after me—women are strong and empowered, then, presto, women will be strong and empowered.

As this was happening, men were becoming weaker and more ineffective. Witness the current American president, weak and whiny, trying to solve all problems with gun control and a carbon tax.

Throughout Scandinavia and Germany men are not out on the street protecting women. They are home washing dishes and changing diapers. Women have the freedom to go out at night on their own in these countries, but they have forgotten that the conceptual basis for this liberation is that they assumed to be protected by men. Remove that concept and it is open season on women. Being independent and autonomous, each woman is on her own.

In Cologne, one notes, even the police were not strong enough to protect women in the city’s central square. The central square is not some out of the way place. It is central. But, how did it happen that one of society’s most visibly manly organizations, the police has been weakened to the point that it can no longer protect people in its central square.  One of the reasons might be that in feminist cultures, it doesn’t matter how strong the police are or how well they can do their jobs. If women do not have the strength to pass the required exams, then they just change the requirements. What matters is whether or not the force is co-ed.

One notes, with chagrin, that the United States Marine Corps, as part of its self-weakening program--allowing more women to serve in combat units-- has chosen to eliminate all titles that denote manliness. That’s what the nation really needs, a more sensitive, a kinder and gentler military. Surely, that will deter ISIS and other Islamist terrorists.

With men in retreat, in societies that disparage and demean all traditional notions of masculinity, women are fair prey. It began in Scandinavia and is now moving to feminized Germany.

The New York Times reported on what really matters for German feminists:

Last year, Parliament passed a disputed quota law requiring leading companies to give at least 30 percent of the seats on their supervisory boards to women.

Christine Kronenberg, Cologne’s commissioner for women’s affairs, who attended a meeting Tuesday called by Ms. Reker, said the mayor’s comments were “unfortunate.” She said they did not reflect her attitude toward women, or the victims.

“Sexual assaults are aimed at humiliating women and an expression of a male desire for power,” Ms. Kronenberg said in a telephone interview.

“Until now, we have encouraged women to defend themselves through resistance tactics, but these are all aimed at individual attackers.”

The New Year’s Eve mass-scale assaults, the police said, involved groups of several men taking advantage of the crowds to target young women by surrounding them. While several perpetrators groped the women, others picked their pockets, stealing wallets and cellphones.

Keep in mind, this woman is a public official. More importantly, she does not understand that these assaults are efforts to humiliate men, to show that they have become so thoroughly unmanned that they are no longer capable of protecting women. The assaults occur on a front of the culture war between Islam and the West. Muslim men molest Western women in order to show that the West is weak and decadent. It cannot even protect its women, and is willing to sacrifice them to stronger men. This means that it is losing the war.

Then again, what do you do when women insist that they do not want your protection because they are strong and empowered?

Outrage will not do it. Impotent rage is called impotent rage for a reason. Feminists can use the bureaucracy and the university system to deprive men of their rights, but, when push comes to assault, they can do very little to stop the rapists in their midst. Unless, of course, they are armed. But feminists are against all guns, for their manifestly phallic implications.

Without a strong male presence and the cultural assumption that men will stand up for women and beat down anyone who dares hurt them, what we saw in Cologne and other German cities will continue. Count it as the consequences of a civilizational decline into decadence. Count it as the price of the feminist revolution.


David Foster said...

In the Broadway version of "Camelot," a group of very bad boys mourn the social changes that have occurred since the Round Table was established:

"Lechery and vice have been arrested, arrested
Not a maiden is evermore in threat
Virgins may wander unmolested, unmolested
Lolly lo let, gad, it's a sweat"

What too many Americans fail to understand (and perhaps even more Europeans) is that this situation is not automatic, is not "normal," that it might be created by the mythical Round Table and by certain real cultures and governments, but is not self-maintaining and is easily lost.

Marsh said...

And there you have it. ^^^^ That is the unvarnished truth. That is how they view it. View us. They know we aren't valued, b/c if we were, you would force our leaders to lock our doors!! Or at least get behind the man who is promising to do just that!

This is why I am going to vote for Trump. I care what happens to my daughters, my friends and my neighbors. Trump is the only one who is willing to take all the incoming in order to do the right thing.

A-Bax said...

I agree with Marsh - voting for Trump because he's the only one who at least is even giving signals that he understands we are near a civilizational tipping point. Western Culture is being invaded from without and eviscerated from within, and if you deign to notice this publicly, you are shamed at best, persecuted at worst.

If any German man had stepped in to defend a woman against the turks/arabs/blacks he would now be facing charges. (Like the men who defend their homes against burglars.)

Its not about cowardice or bravery - white men know that society does not have their backs, and will be blamed for whatever happens. Women and the courts have made this abundantly clear.

Especially men that don't have children - many have psychologically checked out of society because society vilifies them. Why bother white-knighting, even if the damsel really is in distress? All it will bring you is grief and ruin.

Feminists and leftists in Europe are getting what they asked for, good and hard.

Baloo said...

Best thing I've read about the German situation. Reblogged here:
The feminists welcome rape culture into Europe and America. Par for the course.

Marsh said...

A-bax, I disagree w/ only one thing. It is about courage. German men instinctively knew the idea of letting millions of young men from a culture very differently than theirs was a very bad idea. But, they didn't want the hassle of standing up against it. They didn't want to go against the culture b/c it would cost them.

Now it's going to cost them much much more. They have no choice now but to fight.

Thank God we have Trump. We can elect a perfect conservative candidate AFTER President Trump. B/c right now we need a fighter and a protector.

A-Bax said...

Marsh, good point, and I'm hoping that maybe things will change. Courage (or apathy) in these contexts can be contagious.

People aren't even allowed to speak their mind in Europe about the recent invasion, much less do anything about it. As Robert Putnam showed, high-diversity = low-trust and that applies to people within you own ethnic group. That is, you not only don't trust the aliens, you don't quite trust your co-ethnics (will he sell me out? Does he even agree).

It reminds me of things I've read about the twilight days of communism in Russia/Eastern Europe. Most people didn't buy the party line, but they didn't KNOW that their fellows also didn't buy it, so group action to do something about it had a hard time getting started. Once resistance/upheaval started though, it quickly snowballed.

I wonder if the same sort of thing will happen in Germany. If so, watch the f*ck out.

Dennis said...


The more those who would commit rape have to worry about facing a woman with a gun the less they are willing to commit rape. Situational awareness would have served European women well if they paid more attention to how their ideas ultimately affect them in the long run. I find it interesting that one complains about people in Europe that cannot speak their mind when we have the same condition here. Has anyone taken a look at free speech in academe, in the media, et al? Stuart makes a point about the war on boys that is perpetrated in our educational system which is a prime driver of creating young men who have no real connection with the society. Why would they feel any connection to a system that denies them due process, denies them a real education, where EVE is constantly blaming ADAM, et al. We may, and quite possibly are right now, alienating large numbers of young men from a system that sees them as the enemy. There is an old adage that one gets what they reward which I would suggest we are now seeing.
Those who expect courage should be willing to demonstrate that courage themselves. I don't see much of that coming from those demanding it. Where were you and a lot of other women when a lot of us men were fighting back only to be attacked by the system of government being built by the feminists, the Clintons and their ilk and almost every other democrat? It is nice that you care now, but it smacks to me as somewhat late, considering this took years to become entrenched. One can only fight so long, though many of us still have not given up, when those we love and bring up wind up believing feminist drivel.
One has to wonder about the fact that it is feminists who are making this possible. If women had joined men early on we would not have this problem but it would seem that there was far too much to be gained. The fact is that we have always had the power to control our destiny had we just worked together. Feminism exists because a significant number of men agreed with them early on.
Welcome to the fight that many of us have been enjoined for quite a long time. Do try to us the word courageous more judicially.

First session

Tucci said...

Permit me to throw in a quotation from Brian Garfield's 1972 novel _Death Wish_ (which was written in order to support the "gun control" agenda of the American left):

"It came to me a little while ago what we really are, we liberals. We demand reforms, we want to improve the situation of the underprivileged - why? To make them better off materially? Nuts. It's only to make ourselves feel less guilty. We rend our garments, we're eager to show how willing we are to accept any outrageous demand so long as it's black, or youthful, or put up by someone who thinks he's got a grievance. We want to appease everybody - you know what a liberal is? A liberal is a guy who walks out of the room when the fight starts."

More today than ever.

Marsh said...

Dennis, you have no idea how old I am or how long I have stood up for truth or how hard I have fought, so I don't know why you assume I am new to this cause.

Why do you assume my posts are to you? I don't know you. If you have been fighting on the side of right, great. More power to you. We are on the same side then. I want you to do well. I want us to do well.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Why should men show courage or even sympathy towards these "strong and independent" whoc claim to be their "equals" in every way? After all women want to serve in combat. Let them start on the streets of their own home towns. Ha ha ha! Ain't that easy, is it B*tches?

As Bill Burr points out, when the going gets tough, the most butch feminist twirls her short hair into little pony tails and skips around claiming to be just a girl and reminds everyone that "its women and children first!"

Well, no more women and children first. All that earns real men is scorn and enmity. MGTOW is going to hurt these fems and their entitled hangers-on a whole lot more.

Patriarchy anyone? Buwahahaha!

Marsh said...

You understand that the majority of women in this country aren't feminists right? Do they deserve to be thrown to the wolves w/ the feminists?

R Devere said...


All it takes for the evil to prevail is for those good, non-fem women, to do nothing!

If they fail to stand up to the FemiNazis (because they really like the benefits of the Feminist Imperative) then they are nothing but "entitled hangers-on" who should suffer the same fate.

Anonymous said...

"If they fail to stand up to the FemiNazis (because they really like the benefits of the Feminist Imperative) then they are nothing but "entitled hangers-on" who should suffer the same fate."
Lead by example, good sir. All I see is arm-chair criticism.