Monday, January 25, 2016

Islam Rising in France

In France over 10% of the population is Muslim. Until recently the French government and the French media have preferred to ignore the consequences. After the events of November 13 French authorities began to crack down on Islamists in their country. Watching the situation from afar one does not really grasp the extent of the problem and the difficulty in overcoming it.

Yet, Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute has detailed events associated with the rising of Islam in France. His report is detailed and factual. Thus I link it for your edification.

In his introduction Kern outlines the problem in five bullet points:

  • An estimated 40,000 cars are burned in France every year — a destruction often attributed to rival Muslim gangs. Every day, more than 80 cars are burned.

  • The rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, called for the number of mosques in France to be doubled over the next two years. Boubakeur said that 2,200 mosques are "not enough" for the "seven million Muslims living in France." He demanded that unused churches be converted into mosques.

  • Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed in April that more than 1,550 French citizens or residents are involved in terrorist networks in Syria and Iraq.

  • "Can we not talk about subjects that split opinion? If you talk about immigration, you are a xenophobe. If you talk about security, you are a fascist. If you talk about Islam, you are an Islamophobe." – Henri Guaino, MP.

  • "Those who denounce the illegal behavior of fundamentalists are more likely to be sued than the fundamentalists who behave illegally." – Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front party.


Dennis said...

I am still predicting that most of the countries in Europe will cease to exist as an independent cultures in 20 years. As the numbers of Islamists grow they will gain more political power and politicians will naturally gravitate to that power believing that they can control the direction of that power. But, alas they will ultimately submit to the dictums of Sharia because they will trade their freedoms for security. They are being besieged by a growing army that will NOT assimilate and will ultimately have the power to force women into submission.
We will be lucky to not do as we usually do in emulating Europe. It is what will happen unless we finally recognize the need to maintain and honor our culture warts and all. We are well on our way now because we have been divided into various competing groups vying for government handouts at the expense of the things that make us free individuals. Academe's failure, "Snow Flakes" and "Little Princesses" are just examples of the degradation of our culture. I give this country a little more than 10 years over Europe's demise. One only needs to look at the gyrations the current administration, and both democrat candidates, to mollify anyone other than the citizens of this country. All the people who have died for the freedoms of this country and what has its citizens done with it? Diblasio anyone.

Anonymous said...

When France and Britain become part of Dar al-Islam , due to the treachery of their governments, think about all the nuclear weapons that will be aimed at Dar al-Harb. France and Britain are well equipped with the means to deliver those weapons via ICBM, submarines or via aircraft.