Thursday, January 28, 2016

France Rejects Cultural Submission

With everyone bowing and scraping to the newly legitimized Iranian regime, and with the Vatican covering up slightly immodest art work out of respect the delicate sensibilities of the Iranian prime minister, it’s good to see one nation stand tall for civilized values.

That nation would be: France!

France’s president refused to submit to Iranian cultural imperatives. Faced with a choice between wine or Islam and France chose wine. Lunch between the presidents of France and Iran was cancelled... over wine.

This from the Daily Mail, via Katie Pavlich:

A lunch between the French and Iranian presidents in Paris was scrapped today because France refused to remove wine from the menu.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has been on a tour of Europe, signing billions of pounds worth of business deals with different nations, after economic sanctions against the country were lifted.

He was due to dine with President Francois Hollande at an upmarket restaurant in the French capital.

The French insisted on serving local food and wine but the Iranians demanded a halal menu in keeping with their Muslim faith.

Hollande's officials said preparing the meal to be 'Iran friendly' went against France's republican values. 

The Elysee Palace suggested a breakfast with Rouhani instead, but this was said to be snubbed by the Iranian leader for being 'too cheap'.

A diplomatic source told the RTL radio station: 'The leaders have missed out on a great opportunity to meet in the relaxed environment of a meal.'

In contrast, the Italians made sure the Iranian visit went smoothly by keeping alcohol off the menu for state dinners and covering up its nude statues.

A wooden box was placed around several pieces, including a Venus dating back to the Second Century BC, at Rome's Capitoline Museum, before the Italian and Iranian premiers spoke there.


Ares Olympus said...

Weird, the DailyMail article is dates today: "A lunch between the French and Iranian presidents in Paris was scrapped today because France refused to remove wine from the menu."

While the same issue appears in the CSM from November 12?
"France’s RTL radio reported on Monday that Iran requested a halal menu, which customarily means no alcohol. Yet France was unwilling to break with the tradition of serving French wine at official state lunches and dinners."


Or this one from Nov 10:
Linking back with [“Hollande-Rouhani lunch ‘scrapped over wine spat,'” The Local, November 10, 2015:] to this article:

OH, for confusion, I see that article link above has a URL structure says 2015/11/10, but the page itself says incorrectly: Published: 27 Jan 2016 08:59 GMT+01:00

It seems unlikely the same spat has been repeated 2.5 months later, and the DailyMail is repeating old news.

The DailyMail article has other content as well, maybe more up-to-update, but less gossipy, so adding in the menu snub is a sort of clickbait?

priss rules said...

It's not only Muslims who call for censorship:

And they are taking down all sorts of monuments and sculptures in the US.

Offensive or not, they are a part of history and heritage. But one by one, they are being removed.

And France does not have free speech. LePen has been charged several times of 'hate speech' for calling attention to problems of immigrants.

With all the speech controls in EU --- in Germany, you can get arrested for harshly criticizing Merkel's crazy open door policy --- , the West is no longer in any position to condemn the Muslim world for censorship.

In the US, faculty have been fired or silenced over the most inane remarks.

And Kingsley's article makes clear that free speech is pretty much dead in the UK.

So, the idea of defending the West on grounds of freedom is now moot. The West isn't a bastion of free speech and thought.

And even where there is free expression in the West, I wonder if it's worth it.
Besides, why are tax payers being forced to support really stupid expression?