Saturday, January 9, 2016

What Really Happened in Cologne?

Naturally, many in the press have been hard at work covering up what really happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. And, we now know, not merely in Cologne. The Muslim invaders molested and raped women all over Germany, in Austria, in Switzerland and in Finland.

Here, Carol Brown at The American Thinker (Via Maggie’sFarm) collects some of the horrifying details:

Information continues to emerge on the war zone that erupted in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve, when thousands of imports from Islamic lands threw bottles and fireworks into crowds and at the police, as well as molested, raped, attacked, robbed, knifed, spat, defecated, urinated, vomited, ranted, and raved as they turned an area of a beautiful city into a site of utter barbarism.  (Other cities in Germany experienced similar violence on New Year’s Eve, which is only now beginning to be reported.)

One victim had a firecracker shoved into the hood of her jacket.  When she tried to get it out, it fell into her jacket, causing serious burns across her shoulder.

Dozens, and most likely hundreds of women were subjected to all manner of physical, sexual, and verbal assault.  Authorities now believe that many of the attacks were “coordinated” by men traveling in gangs of 30-40, surrounding women to make escape impossible, and then victimizing them.  Frantic women were forced to run a gauntlet through the mass of thousands of men hunting them down (as one victim described it), groping their breasts and between their legs, stripping their clothes off, spitting on them, cursing at them, and raping every available orifice.

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