Sunday, January 10, 2016

Man-Shaming in Sweden

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein reports from Sweden, the rape capital of Europe. Having discovered that her boys, aged 8 and 13 had taken to sitting down to pee, she offers some thoughts at what happens when a culture systematically feminizes boys and men.

Her remarks fit well with the arguments I have been presenting for the past week or so.

In her words:

Sweden has gotten a reputation for being a feminist state, a progressive haven of sorts where gender is fought as if it were an enemy battalion. This is supposed to lead to equality, but the feminist hegemony seems to practice willful forgetfulness when it comes to the plight of actual women in actual peril at the end of the subway line where they dare not go.

Feminism, Hernroth-Rothstein says, has been fighting straw men, all the while letting the true haters of women have a free pass:

The feminism of today is busy kicking in open doors, cutting down straw men in the form of campus rape-culture, standing up-peeing and man-splaining, rather than fighting the culture that beheads, rapes and stones women who dare fall out of the fold. The so-called liberals of today are abandoning women across the world out of cowardice and orientalism, and in doing so they are defiling the values their ideology was built on, the liberalism that would never allow the kind of re-education-culture that forces boys to sit down to pee in the name of progressivism and good.

And she calls this approach man-shaming:

And we must ask ourselves: What happens to a boy who grows up to feel shame about his masculinity? How will he view himself and how will he view sex, as an expression of manhood and an expression of self? And furthermore, what behaviors are we silently condoning while we are busy with these made-up wars? And what bad men are given blank checks as we tell good men to literally sit down and shut up?

Unfortunately, we know exactly what happens when bad men are given the freedom to do as they please and good men are old told to sit down and shut up.


DeWalt said...

No men left in Europe. Woman raped in streets by Islamist and no men to protect them. You are reaping the whirlwind for allowing the feminist to lead you. Heck, it is a feminist that let them in the gate. Girls have been thought they don't need men for protection,so now you don't have any. Let's see how it works out.

Anonymous said...

The worm always turns. I have known some Swedes growing up. One of my aunts was a Swede. I do know that when you get them mad enough and drunk enough - look out!

Dennis said...

You might enjoy this: If one wants to understand why the lack of logic in considering the ramification of poorly thought out ideas have created the conditions we now face. I am always amazed at those who created this disastrous conditions are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. Any challenge is met with, (EVE blaming,) "you hate women," oppressor male, you are afraid of women,et al. feminists were the first to recognize the need for STFU because they were never going to be able to intellectually present a reasoned argumentation for what they were pontificating.
Sad isn't it that good men and women allowed themselves to de divided agains't each other to build the power of the state. This is what happens when people forget that it is the individual vice the group that should be the ideal for it is the individual that remembers freedom and all the natural rights therein. We allowed ourselves to be divided into stereotypical groups that could be manipulated by the state and used against other individuals and groups. Until we can stop seeing people who disagree with us as the enemy we will never remove the ever growing shackles of the state. One must ask, "Who do you want in charge of your life?" and once you figure that out what are you willing to give up in order to be your own man or woman?

First session is up on me

priss rules said...

Wow, just wow.

YCMTSU - you can't make this stuff up.

Military used to be for National Defense. People joined or were drafted to defend the nation.

Given the invasion of Europe, you'd think that this Swedish politician was calling for forced conscription to defend Sweden from the invaders.

BUT NO!!!!! It is to use the military to aid the alien hordes to invade and conquer with greater convenience and ease.

If Monty Python had made a skit about something like this, people would have laughed. But now it is reality. But then, Monty Python once joked about a fairy military and man wanting to be a woman... and those things came true.

What should this be called? It can't be called National Defense.

National Destruction? Be all that you can be... by serving to ensure that your people will no longer be.

It is no longer enough to watch helplessly as your nation is invaded and destroyed. You must enthusiastically take part in the invasion and destruction.

Well, there is one upside to this. Swedes had a habit of taking trips to Africa and the Third World to help the folks with food, shelter, water, and etc.

Now, Swedes can save on air fare since they will have all the needy folks to take care of in Sweden itself.

n.n said...

The paradox of civilization predicts the progress of complacency and a Peter Pan Syndrome.

Also, the ambitions of female chauvinists have served to sabotage a reconciliation and development of men and women in an equal and complementary state.