Saturday, January 30, 2016

Do Feminists Prefer Rapists?

Just when you think that the radical left can’t get any dumber, you run across this. Apparently, it is intended to be a serious thought. It was posted on the Facebook page of a German leftist organization, Rote Antifa. For the record, the German Rote means Red, while Antifa, is short for Antifascist—a shorthand used by German Communists and the New Left.

It is supposed to represent advanced radical feminist thought.

Read it and weep.

Image via Facebook
The caption reads:

Prefer sexually active fugitive to German racists.

Can you imagine the uproar if someone of the male persuasion described rapists as “sexually active?”

[Correction: I am reliably informed that this picture was photoshopped. The original was:


Dennis said...

You caught this as well. One could not write satire this instructive and a better definition of why feminism does not really care about women. This is somewhat akin to Obama'a statement that we could survive another terrorist attack. Why not do something to stop the next terrorist attack or the rape and attacks on gays? In each case it demonstrate a decide lack of care about the people who would be hurt or worse. Sadly, feminism was always about growing the power of upper class women at the expense of other women just as leftist has always been about giving power to upper class men. It why leftism/feminism are , dare I state this, fellow travelers.
Example: Why were all the women Clinton sexually attack called "Bimbos" and "Trailer Trash?" It couldn't be that these women did not know their place and that being King has its pleasures? One could take the soft bigotry of lowered expectation by the left as part of this meme. Eugenics has always been a part of the left, abortion anyone. here the interest is in the subject of Eugenics. Margaret Sanger and her true ideas. WARNING: Those of you who are Trump fans may not like some of the writers meanderings.

Duncan said...

I have no doubt that eurofeminists are capable of being as witless and foolish as the photo suggests. However, a commenter on another site has pointed out that in both words on the placard the "RA" and the "ISTS" are so identical as to suggest that a copy and paste procedure might have been used. This does raise the possibility of a digital alteration of the original.

priss rules said...

She can just leave her country and go live in to Nigeria or Pakistan.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I hope that Duncan is right... but the systematic lack of concern by feminist leaders in Sweden and now Germany suggests otherwise.

zbignu said...

Looks as if her placard was photoshopped:

However, I don't see the difference.

Sam L. said...

She thinks she's f***ed either way.

Ares Olympus said...

Hurray for Duncan's wise skepticism and zbignu's excellent sleuthing.

I'm glad at least Dennis was fooled. It shows why I shouldn't take his ranting opinions very seriously.

As the the original "Will trade racists for refugees" I admit I'm not impressed by the false choice offered.

That is, its obvious she's only interested in shaming people for their fears, not dealing with reality of those fears, and like the fact that her refugees can also be racists (or rapists).

I've wondered about hospitality and how people with "bleeding hearts" can best to help refugees, how to set a rational limit on entries, and perhaps a model should be something like "Student exchange programs", so we could say every refugee (or refugee family) ought to have a "host family", someone with financial means to help beyond their own family, even if they are given some small financial support. So the number of volunteers host families will determine a practical limit on how many refugees a country can take in.

I'd use the same logic for the "bleeding hearts" rallying against abortion as murder. So everyone who is against abortion as "safe, legal and rare" should offer to become adoptive parents to unwanted children, and when you run out of volunteer parents, we can surrender needing to control women's bodies and use our hearts to for on the "rare" component by supporting family planning. (OTOH, I know abortion itself can easily be judged racist, if you look at patterns of who is having them.)

Well, that's my slightly more relevant rant opinion to compliment Dennis.

Ares Olympus said...

p.s. In regards to refugees, there is a valid argument that says we should take care of our own poor and homeless before we bring in new people who are in even greater need.

One of the most astoundingly expensive programs in the U.S. is "Section 8" housing where poor people are given vouchers to live in housing beyond their means, so they pay 30% of their income to housing, and the program pays the rest. And as everyone knows RENT is expensive. And the program, unlike welfare, has no limit on the number of years you can stay on it. But there are limited number of slots available, so a long waiting list AND if you somehow get knocked off the list, you can wait for years to get back on. And the program is strict, like with illegal drugs, so even the smallest legal transgression can get you knocked off the program.

The intention of the program is to replace the bane of "Public housing" which was attempted in the 1960s but caused a concentration of poverty (and crime and drugs), so Section 8 allows poor people to be better mixed in the wider community, hopefully encouraging them to work hard and find a path to their own better future. (I can't say I've heard how successful this is, although since it might most be used by single mothers with kids, so at least the kids have a chance for a "normal" life, and can find their own opportunities.)

Anyway, the problem of refugees would also seem to fit into a subsidized housing need, while costs limiting participants, so it would also have long waiting lists.

But whatever "programs" liberals imagine can help transition the poor or refugees into society, they are all expensive, and will always have contrary incentives that risk keeping people in poverty.

It is interesting to imagine alternative nongovernment programs, like religious institutions. I don't know how many converts become Catholics because they gained aid by their programs, but religious institutions would seem to have great potential to help the needy from any background, but again, how many needy can each handle?

Its all like the star thrower story, and more inspiring than trying to shame racists into stopping their projection of their worst fears onto classes of people who don't look like them.

Sam L. said...

AE, I read Dennis as clearly seeing what's going on.

Dennis said...

One of the joys of satire, which I mentioned, is that even if "photoshopped" is the fact that it is so close to the truth that it demonstrates things as they are.

For your edification:
AE, was I fooled or was I just using it as a stepping off point to demonstrate a problem I see growing in Europe and here as well? As this danish woman makes clear about the feminists affect upon the masculinity on men in their cu;sure and why trying to play nice with men from a culture that will not make nice is not going to work. Sometimes you amaze me.

Marsh, This link explains much of the question you keep asking. Women get the men they seem to want even though in the end they are not happy with what they created. When one allows feminism to define what it is to be a man or a woman then one is sure to meet a result that is not in their best interests as human beings or as a culture.

One of the reasons I left the democrat party is that they were no longer democratic. One had to meet their definition of what it means to be black, hispanic, a woman, et al. Instead of being an individual we were a clearly defined group not capable of thought or existence outside that reference. A true form of bigotry.

"Abnegation of child-bearing is the ultimate expression of nihilism. If no generation succeeds us, everything we do is in vain, for no one will be there to remember what we did, or to benefit from our labors." Why feminism is so destructive of every culture it gains a foot hold in.

Dennis said...

Just as an aside. I was watching a little tv after reading a book I found interesting. It was about a young man who got both of his legs and one finger blown off from an IED. I was struck by his ability to meet the challenges of his life and enjoy life. To me a man in a society that rarely values masculinity. It reminds me of how far we have moved towards a feminist driven world which will ultimately destroy us both in its bigotry and selfishness. When the question for a culture is "What do women want?" then we are well on our way to our own demise.