Friday, January 22, 2016

Mugged in Stockholm

Having opened their arms to hordes of Muslim immigrants, Sweden is reaping what it sowed. Now it is the rape capital of the Western world, and it does not seem to care. It’s almost as though this uber-feminist nation is willing to sacrifice young women to the gods of multiculturalism.

Swedes have reacted to the rapes by covering them up. See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil. Ergo… no evil… except the evil of Islamophobia.

Of course, there is no money in rape. You cannot make a living by raping women. But, you can make some money mugging women in the public square.

If Swedes do not have the moral character to defend their women against sexual predators and rapists, why should any Muslim immigrant fear the wrath of the Swedes? Why not steal from them in public. It’s open season on Swedes.

Recently, in downtown Stockholm, the following scene transpired (via the Daily Mail):

This is the moment a thief attacks a mother in front of her two children, kicking her in the stomach, hitting her in the face and spitting on her, after she stepped in when he tried to rob a pensioner.

The shocking incident took place in central Stockholm, Sweden, earlier this month and was caught on security cameras.

The attack has caused outrage in Sweden, with the head of the police investigation swearing to catch the perpetrator 'if it's the last thing I do'.

The video shows an elderly woman walking out of the Gamla Stan[Old Town] tube station and picking up her phone  out of her bag.

As she answers the call, the perpetrator walks up behind her and tries to steal her wallet out of her open bag,

However, his attempt is foiled by a mother who is walking in the opposite direction with her two young children.

'The mother who sees this screams to the old lady to watch out, and pushes the man's hand out,' lead investigator Stefan Tellqvist with Stockholm City Police told SVT.

The thief then turns on the mother, who is holding the hand of one of her children, kicks her in the stomach and hits her across the face.

He walks off, leaving the woman in shock, and exits the station as she appears to be shouting something after him.

However, seconds later, he returns and runs after the woman and spits her in the face as she is holding her child in her arms. 

'It is the worst thing I have ever seen during my years as a police officer, said Mr Tellqvist.

He adds that he is due to retire this year, and has now made it his mission to put the man behind bars.

'I will get him, if it's the last thing I do.'  

Note that the person who tried to stop the thief was a woman, not a man. Now that Swedish men have learned to pee sitting down; now that they have learned that women are strong and empowered; they can watch from the sidelines as women are being mugged.

At the least, to his credit the police officer finally expresses some outrage. What is the difference? The mugging took place in full public view. This makes denial far more difficult. The rapes take place out of public view, thus the authorities can pretend that they did not happen and thus continue to believe that they care about women.

Note that even the Daily Mail refuses to note that the perpetrator does not appear to be a native born Swede. I am persuaded that you will be more perceptive.

Horrific: CCTV shows how the thief-to-be hits the mother  across the face after she stepping in to stop him from stealing a wallet from an elderly woman at a Stockholm tube station
 In this shot he is kicking the mother in the stomach:

Attack: The thief, who police is trying to identify, smacks her across the face and kicks her straight in the stomach as she is holding her child's hand

Here, as the woman walks away holding her child in her arms, he comes back to spit in her face.

Vile: A few seconds later he returns, walks after the woman and spits her in the face as she is carrying her child in her arms

Assimilation, anyone?


Anonymous said...

I can see Rubio and Cruz learning to pee sitting down.....Trump? Not so much!

Anonymous said...

Women are so strong and independent..................until they're not.

Ya see, there's this substance called "testosterone'.......makes all the difference in the world.

So feminists, tell me again why men should bother risking themselves in
protecting these strong and independent women who are men's equals in every way?

Oh and how can the Swedish police want to be so "mean" to the rapefugees they invited into Sweden?

Ares Olympus said...

It sounds heroic to me, one woman protecting another. I have no reason to believe Swedish men wouldn't do the same thing, unless you assume they're all distracted staring in into their iPhones.

And trying to create hysteria on single incidents of attempted theft sounds pretty desparate.

My own experience says aggressive thiefs are usually drug users, which is of course scary, and pitiful at the same time. But they are also largely cowardly, and don't carry weapons, and would prefer to retreat when their easy pickings are spoiled.

Perhaps the man is a refugee, but we don't know, and I don't see a reason to assume anything, except if my purpose is to create hysteria against refugees.

Ares Olympus said...

p.s. If you don't want to wait for 30 sec commercials at the DailyMail, here's the 44 second security video, pretty interesting.

It certainly all happens very fast, and anyone who wasn't very observant would not have even noticed the attempt, while this woman saw exactly what was happening and used her own arm to block the man from the older woman's purse, very bold.

I also notice there's one man walking down the stairs before the event and never turns around, and when the thief returns a few seconds later, another man is walking up the stairs, so the thief retreats ahead down the stairs. And two following frames seems to imply a third assault. It seemed more a sissy-spiteful assault than designed to really harm the woman.

It is shocking that it occurred in the open, and in the direct view of cameras, while probably many other places there'd be no cameras. The video photos are relatively clear, so there seems a fairly high chance of being identified.

As well you can wonder, if the man walking up the stairs @0:32, if he had known was had just happened, if the woman could have communcated what happened, what should a good citizen do?

If you believe the conservatives in America, every capable man should be carrying a firearm, and be willing to pull it out to help stop this thief from escaping, until police could arrive.

And that would also seem heoric, although also dangerous since a timid gun-holder might be get surprised at close range and have his gun taken away from him. And if the thief runs away, it's not like a citizen has a right to shoot first, especially for an assault crime he didn't personally observe, no clear threat.

A more manly man might tackle the suspect, again risking his life, if the thief had a knife or gun, but that's the same sort of risks a police officer has to face in apprehending a suspect alive.

The safest proactive response might just follow the suspect and make sure he didn't assault anyone else, and if a police officer appears in the chase, he could call out the thief to the police.

I can't say what I'd do, and I've never personally witnessed such an assault, and I've never been pick-pocketed. Oh, wait, there was that kid in Middle school who who would bump into people and grab the wallet during the collision, and it worked against me, but he gave it back.

And I don't even know how I'd respond to an armed thief who demands for my wallet. I'd probably be like Ben Carson and talk to the guy, ask him what he needs, and if he really needs to do that. I have thought of offering my cash if confronted, since losing an ID is a pain, but these days I don't really carry cash.

I've read its a lot harder to be a thief these days since so few people carry cash. Ah, this article from 2011.
"Pickpocketing is more or less dead in this country," says Harvard economist Edward Glaeser, whose new book Triumph of the City, deals at length with urban crime trends. "I think these skills have been tragically lost. You've got to respect the skill of some pickpocket relative to some thug coming up to you with a knife. A knife takes no skill whatsoever. But to lift someone's wallet without them knowing …"

Last year, a New York City subway detective told the Daily News that the only pickpockets left working the trains anymore were middle-aged or older, and even those are few and far between. "You don't find young picks anymore," the cop told the paper. "It's going to die out."

Experts offer a few explanations for the gradual disappearance of pickpockets in the United States. Crime nationwide—from pickpocketing to homicide—has been dropping since the mid-1990s. People carry less cash today, and thanks to enhanced security features, it's harder for thieves to use stolen credit or debit cards than it was in the past.

Dennis said...

Here is a prediction for all. I believe that most of the countries in Europe will cease to exist as independent cultures in less than 20 years. I also predict that women in Europe will"submit" to Sharia Law, feminists have already taught men to "submit," or be subject to rape, harassment, et al until they do. Islamic oriented voters will become such a significant bloc that politicians will cede almost every thing that makes them a culture in order to win elections. The same thing will happen here because one already notes the number of people who would gladly give up their rights for a little security.
One of the problems with feminists is that they think sexual politics will gain them true power not realizing that there are a significant number of Islamic men who are not and never will be, interested in their ideas. What one is seeing is what happens when feminism castrates the male population for power. Eventually men just stop listening or caring. It might be nice to believe one is "woman, hear them roar and one does not need men anymore," but reality finally demonstrates how untrue that is to anyone who thinks past the superficial.
Mark my words that we will have to deal with this or lose everything.