Tuesday, October 23, 2018

An Epidemic of Knifings in Once-Great Britain

Here’s some news from Once-Great Britain: the nation is suffering an epidemic of knifings. Thank God they don’t have guns. Or, should we say that if they had guns they would have less knifings. Or else, if they showed strength toward those most likely to commit such attacks-- presumably, the migrant population-- they would have less crime.

The story comes to us from the Guardian:

The number of stabbing victims with life-threatening injuries treated by specialist trauma doctors has increased by 34% in two years, according to NHS figures obtained by the Guardian.

Doctors are also reporting an increase in the severity of attacks, with victims increasingly arriving in hospital with multiple puncture wounds.

“Previously we used to see one or two wounds per victim. Now we are frequently seeing multiple wounds, five or sometimes 10 stab injuries on a single patient”, said Dr Ross Davenport, a consultant trauma and vascular surgeon at the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, east London.

Worse yet, children are also being targeted:

At King’s College hospital in London, the number of adults treated for knife wounds rose from 249 in 2015-16 to 406 last year. The capital’s three other major trauma centres also saw big increases over the same two-year period.

Other cities have also seen the same trend. At Southampton general hospital, cases have almost doubled in the past two years, with the number of adults rising from 68 to 134 and under-18s from seven up to 13.

Hospitals have also treated more child stabbing victims. At the South Tees trust, they rose from 10 in 2015-16 to 26 last year; and from three to 12 at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital.

Dr Taj Hassan, the president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, which represents A&E doctors, said: “The rise in knife crime in England is a source of serious concern both for the society we live in and for those of us who have to help care for the injured and their relatives where life, often young life is being so tragically lost.

The numbers keep increasing:

The revelations follow official crime figures that showed a big rise in violent crime in England and Wales over the past year, including the largest number of knife offences on record – 39,332 in the year to June, up 12% in a year.

Trauma surgeons recently warned that some hospitals were running low on blood supplies because of the “epidemic” of people being stabbed and that “spikes” of violence often coincided with the end of the school day.

Ch Supt Ade Adelekan, the head of the Metropolitan police’s violent crime taskforce, said earlier this month: “People involved in violence are getting younger while the level and ferocity of attacks is getting worse, and I do not know why that is.”

For American activists the only real problem is figuring out how to blame it all on the NRA or on Donald Trump.


Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...

Sadly, these raw numbers do not reflect the full scope of the collapse of English society and the utter, self-inflicted, criminal ineptitude of British law enforcement and jurisprudence.

Many, if not most, victims of multiple stabbings saved by A&E staff face a lifetime of medical care. It's not like going in, having your appendix out, and resuming your life. And that's not including chronic psychological scarring, or any attendant permanent disabilities.

Some have suggested outlawing kitchen cutlery. :-D Personally, I think a return to public hanging, while it may or may not be a "deterrent" as determined by some sociologist armed with multiple regression software, would at least have the salutory effect of removing the vermin.

MikeyParks said...

Damn it – this is a lie! Knives are illegal to carry there! SURELY nobody would flout the law!

Anonymous said...

I would consider donating precious bodily fluids but won't out of fear that the health of the transfusion recipients would likely be take a nosedive after exposure to toxic blood.

DrID, interesting post. I was almost too tired and attempted to skim past it but glad it caught my attention.

Anyhow good day to you pal.

Anonymous said...

See what I mean, can't even write a straight sentence.

Sam L. said...

It is, most likely, totally NO GOOD to try to find any trend or identity of the attackers to determine what group they might belong to or what they might have in common...or even, perhaps, forbidden? Ah, the formerly great Britain.

Anonymous said...

This explains why they were lambasting Israelis for robustly responding to savage knife attacks. Obviously, the correct response is to be outraged by the term savage, offer one’s neck and die quietly in the street.


Anonymous said...

MikeyParks your photo plays serious mindgames. I just noticed the light streak on the photo over the face looks more like a burning match the smaller the screen gets.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Interesting collection of facts on the increase in victims of knife attacks. What is conspicuously absent is WHO is inflicting the stabbing. No thoughts, awareness or patterns? That seems odd. Any tie-in with acid attacks? Demographics? Geography? Time of day?

The great thing about firearms for the armed, law-abiding citizen is the equalizing effect, and the strategic value of distance in neutralizing a foe for defensive purposes. Knife attacks (or duels) are brutal, up-close and involve strength. This kind of confrontation is particularly disadvantageous and traumatic for women. Which is why I find it so curious that the majority of women vote for Leftists who abandon them on issues of self-defense.

Gun confiscation is really frightening. Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. Isn’t that what Lefties tell us about media/free speech and abortion? Hey-hey, ho-ho..........

Dan Patterson said...

From commenter Chesterton: "...the majority of women vote for Leftists who abandon them on issues of self-defense.".
Precisely the thing I have pondered for years, at the root is an attraction by women (and the men who seek their approval) to tyrants and chaos. Is is some bizarre disconnect with reality, a fear of success, guilt, or what? Whatever the source it is that misstep that is driving the move away from a free society toward one of central authoritarian control and constant violence. A brief tour of the US and Britain in the past reveals a homogeneous, rational, and reasoned society, not without conflict and disagreement but devoid of the disunion, high body-counts, and disruptions of today. What do we suppose happened? I have a thought but will not display it here so as to avoid being "removed", but can that bell ever be un-rung?

Anonymous said...


A slight change. ............"the majority of women vote for Leftists who abandon them on" any issues where it becomes politically expedient. For most leftists it is how can I use you today for my benefit and dump you tommorow when you are no longer important to MY desire to control others through the levers of power that governments provide.

Anonymous said...

Women are leftists because of God's righteous punishment of Eve. That is why demonic possession of women is most frequent. The new religion of psychology has duped us by renaming demon possession gifting them with different names such as "anxiety", "panic attack", "PTSD", "schizophrenia" and on and on. Obviously they are renaming Satan's demons to make demonic possession of women easier. Then the women are given the right minerals in the form of pills that help the demon inside them to grow into Leftists.