Sunday, October 21, 2018

Does Botox Make Women Less Orgasmic?

We already know, because we keep up on the research, that Botox injections inhibit a woman’s ability to express feeling. You see, subtle movements in facial muscles express emotion. If her muscles have been numbed by Botox, that ability will diminish. Worse yet, facial numbness will make it more difficult for a woman to read anyone else’s emotions.

When you talk to someone face to face, you tend to mimic his or her facial expressions. When you do so you feel a reasonable facsimile of what he is feeling. If your face is numb, this mode of communication will be shut off. And you can complain about how your friend is failing to express his or her feelings.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Anyway, researchers have now found that women who Botox their faces are also less likely to have orgasms. As best as I can tell, this applies mostly to couples who are having sex face-to-face, and thus are communicating through facial expressions as well as through genital activities.

Anyway, it’s a story that you can only read in the Daily Mail, so here it is:

Researchers have found that those who have Botox treatment to smooth out facial wrinkles are less likely to achieve orgasms.

Injections of the toxic substance paralyse nerves, making it difficult to produce the full range of facial expressions.

Psychologists at Cardiff University have discovered that, as a result, women find it harder to communicate to lovers that they are enjoying sex.

Face to face seems to have something to do with having sex with someone you know. But it also suggests that couples communicate their commitments through facial expressions, and that, for women, this enhances sexual arousal.

This, the researchers say, affects performance between the sheets and blunts the woman’s feeling of physical enjoyment.

Dr Michael Lewis, who led the research, explained that just as people find it difficult to feel ecstatically happy without actually smiling, so people struggle to reach orgasm without having full control of the muscles in their face.

He said: ‘Facial expressions associated with orgasm utilise the same muscles targeted in typical botulinum toxin cosmetic treatments.

The predicted consequence of having treatment is that women may feel an orgasm to a lesser extent and may find it harder to reach climax.

‘Analysis from our study suggests that’s what is happening.’

Think about it: it’s difficult to feel ecstatically happy without smiling. If Botox or some other cosmetic enhancement has numbed your facial muscles to the point where you cannot crack a smile, you will feel less happy:

He added: ‘The results suggest that the facial expressions do not occur simply to communicate pleasure.

'They are an integral part of the feeling of pleasure and are important in the process of achieving orgasm. This demonstrates an important role for facial feedback within sexual intercourse and it is potentially a significant negative impact from BTX treatment.’

I know you find it hard to believe, but Botox, undertaken voluntarily by millions of women, represses female sexuality.

You've come a long way, baby!


David Foster said...

If I understand the research correctly, it goes way beyond sex. The researchers are suggesting that not only does Botox inhibit the *communication* of pleasure, it inhibits the *experiencing* of pleasure, because the facial expressions are an integral part of the feelings. This is philosophically interesting.

Returning to sex: if the above interpretation is correct, then Botox will inhibit female pleasure and orgasm *regardless* of the position used or whether the lights are on or off.

Sample size for the study seems rather small, though.

Ares Olympus said...

I don't personally know anyone who has used botox, but perhaps I just don't know. It is a coastal affliction? I can't imagine anyone choosing to do that to themselves just for other people's eyes, but I guess if your job is to look plastic, perhaps the money is worth the losses.

Sinta Wiranata said...

Botox makes our faces better. I will try to remove my forehead wrinkles with Botox next week. And I will also do filler. Can't wait to get very natural results, this will make my face look better.

ziekien said...

I am agree about Botox will make y face look better.Thanks u

Dynamiclinic said...
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