Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hillary Clinton, National Joke

Let’s not mince words. There’s something seriously wrong with the American mind. I would be happy if it were just a question of its having been closed or coddled, but I fear that something worse is going on.

Witness the witless Hillary Clinton. No woman in America has done more to defend sexual predators. No woman in America has done more to enable a man who preys on women. No woman in America bears more responsibility for the epidemic of sexual harassment of women in and out of the workplace.

And yet, she is a hero to feminists. #MeToo is marching behind Hillary Clinton. Is anything right about this picture?

In order to defend her husband and to maintain her hope to gain power, Hillary Clinton sold her soul… such as it was… and trashed women who had been abused, molested, raped and harassed by her husband. The most prominent men accused of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry and the media were all either friends or supporters of Hillary Clinton.

To reward Hillary Clinton for her steadfast support for sexual predators, the people of New York State rewarded her with a senate seat. Her sole qualification was her last name. And then, after losing the Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama in 2008 she was rewarded with the position of Secretary of State. Again, she was not a foreign policy expert. She was a novice on the world stage. And she failed miserably, from presenting the Russian Foreign Minister with a plastic toy, to welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt, to mishandling the Arab Spring, to making a mess of Libya, to her crowning achievement: failing to protect the security of her ambassador to Libya.

And this does not even consider her private email server, which could have had her prosecuted for espionage.

Perhaps she was following the Peter Principle and being rewarded for incompetence, but she then became the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. Her qualifications: XX chromosomes and her husband’s name. The standard bearer for modern feminism was an unaccomplished, largely inept and undeniably corrupt woman who owed it all to her husband’s name.

Giving credit where credit is due, we credit Barack Obama with the most pungent irony of the 2016 election season: saying that Hillary was the most qualified presidential candidate in American history. How many people noticed that it was a joke?

Anyway, Hillary was such a bad presidential candidate that she could not even beat Donald Trump. She was running against a political neophyte, against a not very well organized campaign and she managed to blow it. She had the Clinton political machine on her side and she blew it.

And then, in a world class exhibition of bad sportsmanship, and in defiance of the most fundamental democratic norm, she joined the Resistance and ran around the nation and the world blaming everyone for her loss. Nothing is more fundamental to democracy than having the losing candidate graciously concede defeat and to join the loyal opposition. Hillary had no grace and joined the disloyal opposition.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, however much you reject his sometime lack of decorum, Hillary Clinton keeps herself in the public eye with appallingly bad behavior… thus, reminding us that it could have been worse. Her lack of the most fundamental political decorum leaves us breathless. More so because her supporters continue to support her and have made her the poster girl for #MeToo.

Again, Hillary never claimed that she herself had been sexually harassed. She enabled America’s leading sexual harasser, the man whose behavior set the standard for other American men, especially those of the leftist persuasion.

And now, yesterday, Hillary who seems incapable of mustering the minimal amount of self-respect required to stifle herself was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour. (via Maggie's Farm) You know what she said. Hillary said that there could be no civility as long as Republicans were in power. She said that Republicans were trying to destroy what she stands for. What exactly does she stand for-- when she can stay on her feet?-- except her own will to power?

Democratic norms, anyone? In effect, Hillary was just saying what her cohorts, like Cory Booker, Maxine Waters and Barack Obama have been saying: get in their face, shut them down, harass them in public, do not let them have a normal life.

True enough, Donald Trump has not been an exemplar of decorum. True enough, he did offer some harsh and aggressive words for protesters at his rallies. But, in today’s America it’s Republicans who need bodyguards. It’s Republicans who are the subject of character assassination. It's Republicans who are driven off of college campuses. It’s Republicans who are getting shot while playing baseball. It's Republicans who are getting assaulted while mowing the lawn. It’s Republicans and even everyday white people who are being harassed on the streets of Portland, OR.

If Donald Trump has uttered some uncivil utterances, that does not justify the fact that Democrats, with their satraps in the Black Lives Matter and the Antifa movements, have brought incivility, harassment and assault to America’s streets, to their restaurants, to the halls of Congress.

Now they know that Hillary Clinton is cheering from the sidelines. America’s sorest loser, the architect and lead enabler of the sexual harassment of women, now tells her followers to cease being civil, to cease engaging in deliberative debate but to become a baying mob of Neofascists, rightful heirs to Ernst Rohm’s Brown Shirts and Mao’s Red Guards.  

In a world that valued women's work, we would be praising Sen. Susan Collins for having distinguished herself by doing a great job during the Kavanaugh hearings. Instead, Sen. Collins now must walk around with bodyguards while the dregs of the American left bow down to the dowager duchess of Chappaqua.

The American mind is in very serious trouble.


JK said...

Every time I see/hear Hillary now I laugh out her.

Sam L. said...

Stuart, stop suppressing yourself and tell us what you REALLY think.

Anonymous said...


Witnesses claim that the Chappaqua Witch roams the woods of Westchester County, NY still searching for lost electoral college votes.

Legend states that she can be lured from the woods by placing a bag of foreign money near the treeline.

Original at link:, with pic:

Anonymous said...

"Everyone agrees that Christine Blasey Ford was persuasive"
"Most all democrats agree that Christine Blasey Ford was persuasive"
There fixed it for you. Repubs, not so much, one study showed 75% of men and 80% of women thought she was not telling the truth.

If you could not tell after 10 minutes of testimony that she was at best misrepresenting and confabulating, then you have not been married. Just ask your wife about the cost of that designer purse or why the only bill she pays is the Nordstrom card.

Deana said...

Indeed. I was struck at how reporter after reporter after analyst all insisted that Ford was credible. I watched her testimony and found her to be wildly INcredible. It did not help that what she claimed was, if true, a non-event.

The American mind is indeed in terrible trouble if people truly can’t distinguish between truth and such obvious lies.