Sunday, October 14, 2018

Do-Gooders Protect a Rapist

Of course, you are against gang rape. You believe that gang rapists should suffer the most extreme sanctions the law can provide. Apparently, citizens of Once-Great Britain have a different attitude. They did not know what they were doing, but they recently saved a convicted gang rapist from being deported.

Passengers on a jet bound for Turkey stood up and insisted that a Somali man be taken off the plane, and not be deported. Filled with righteous virtue they assumed that since the man was Somali he was the victim of British racism. The same attitude allowed the constabulary in Rotherham to turn a blind eye to Muslim grooming gangs, sex trafficking and gang rapes.

It turns out that the innocent Somali man was a convicted for participating in a gang rape. Good job, Brits.

The Daily Mail has the story:

A Somalian whose deportation from Britain was dramatically halted after airline passengers staged a mutiny demanding his release can be exposed today as a convicted gang rapist who was being kicked out of the country because of his sickening crime.

Officials escorting Yaqub Ahmed on a flight from Heathrow to Turkey were forced to abandon his deportation when around a dozen holidaymakers who felt sorry for him angrily intervened shortly before take-off.

At one stage during the astonishing episode, filmed on mobile phones, one traveller complained: ‘They’re separating him from his family’, while others chanted ‘take him off the plane’.

Of no, they were separating him from his family. Doesn’t that sound familiar? How many Americans have fallen for the same ruse? How many sanctuary cities are protecting criminals in order to feel virtuous? And, how many girls will be sacrificed for political correctness?

Idiots all, one must say:

When harassed security guards caved in and walked 29-year-old Ahmed off the Turkish Airlines flight, he was seen thanking those on board for their support as they cheered and applauded.

One person was heard declaring: ‘You’re free, man!’

But the passengers who thought they were doing a good deed were unaware that the man they were defending had been sentenced to nine years in jail for his part in a vicious gang rape of a teenage girl – and that another member of his gang later fought for Islamic State in Syria.

Today The Mail on Sunday can reveal how Ahmed and three other youths preyed on a 16-year-old stranger after she became separated from her friends during a night out in London’s Leicester Square, in August 2007.

He raped a sixteen year old girl. How do these virtue mongers feel now.? I imagine that they still feel that they did the right thing.

Some British citizens thought otherwise:

But when video of the protest was published by MailOnline, hundreds of readers expressed their outrage.

One wrote: ‘The police should have been called and all the passengers who were interfering should have been arrested and removed from the plane.’

Another user said: ‘Looked like a plane full of snowflakes.’ And a third pointed out: ‘Now it will cost a lot more to fly the man back on a private charter! Well done silly interfering, self-seeking, do-gooding idiots!’

Ahmed is now believed to be in an immigration detention centre while officials try to place him on another flight out of the UK, but this process could take months particularly if his lawyers use his temporary reprieve as an opportunity to appeal against his deportation.

Now, the British government must provide this rapist all of his rights. This will delay his deportation.


Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...
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Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...
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Sam L. said...

Mayhap they were idiots. Mayhap they were simply severely misinformed. Or lied to.
One hopes they'll never be fooled again, but I doubt it.

whitney said...

These people have been so thoroughly brainwashed that they can't even conceive of the possibility that any Foreigner has done anything wrong. Scientology indoctrinates their people never to read outside sources. It appears that many people do that voluntarily.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Always track who the "little guy" is in any of these stories. You know, the aggrieved party because of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, citizenship status, etc. Facts don't matter... the "little guy" is always deserving of pity and deserves reparations.