Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Steve Wilson Got Fired

Two days ago I posted two items under the heading: Annals of Civility. Among them was the scene that transpired in Portland, OR when an Antifa fascist decided to harass a woman who was wearing an NYPD baseball cap. When said women told said fascist that her husband had died in the terror attack on 9/11 he started ranting about the NYPD.

Steve Milne has a transcript of the encounter:

The protester begins the verbal spat by saying to the woman, “Why are you trying to block me, I’m f***ing trying to walk here.”

After he called her a “f***ing snarky, little f***ing idiot,” he said. “I’m not like … your cop boyfriend who is going to f***ing knock you out.”

The woman pointed to her NYPD hat and told the man, “My husband died on 9/11,” to which he replied, “Good, good. NYPD was a bunch of sodomizers, f***ing sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks.”

“Your husband … should rot in the grave.”

At that point, the woman’s son, a man considerably larger than said fascist, confronted him. Being a coward, the fascist ran for his life.

That’s not the end of the story. Astute observers went to work identifying the young fascist. His name is Steve Wilson, but he also goes by the name SalvadOrwell Wilson. He works at a company called: Self Enhancement Inc. which is a do-goody group helping disadvantaged youth.

Or, I should say, he used to work at Self Enhancement Inc. As soon as Wilson’s employer discovered what he had done, it fired him. Milne reports:

Self Enhancement Inc then tweeted out that “Steve Wilson is no longer an employee of SEI. His behavior does not represent the values of our organization or the high expectations that we have for our employees.”

Sad to say, this is probably the only language that some of these maniacs really understand.


Sam L. said...

What fake woman do you mean, Anon? And, what fake firing? Portland isn't fake, more's the pity.

Ares Olympus said...

Anon, are you saying the woman really wasn't a 9/11 widow?

I saw this related video, apparently Portland protestors were making themselves traffic cops to protect their illegal street protest.
One accurate comment was "Antifa are the biggest bunch of emotionally unstable, self-loathing, racist, and passive aggressive people I've ever witnessed in my life."

There are clearly a lot of mental health issues out there, and Antifa seems to be a collector for many of them on the Left. C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters shows how imaginary devils manipulate in the mildest ways for ordinary people, these protestors seem one step short of full demonic possession, all while seeing themselves as heroes of the people.

This blog had past topic of "external self-awareness". It must be very humiliating for these people who act out their childhood issues against strangers, when they see how they look from the outside, and see how wrong it is. It makes sense that part of mental illness must be from a need to stay in denial, and having a righteous cause, and a belief you're being persecuted might be the perfect trap that can maintain that denial.

Perhaps in the future all protest moments will have to have a mental health assessment for participants, and those that fail will be politely redirected to data entry or something useful and harmless.

Anonymous said...

"Anon, are you saying the woman really wasn't a 9/11 widow?"

If you have foolproof source to verify she is then it is likely she is. Do you have such information source?

[THE VIDEO] The 'antifa' female imo seemed not to be ill intentioned, the aggro-male was definitely having issues. I'd like to think that is why the female was there to watch over things and prevent mayhem.


One accurate comment was "Antifa are the biggest bunch of emotionally unstable, self-loathing, racist, and passive aggressive people I've ever witnessed in my life."

[the comment] Yea, but how exactly? Don't use the cop-outs because of "leftism" or "rightism" etc... What process unfolds to yield what you see.

Left and Right are words of mind control. These words are utterly useless if you want to understand processes logically.

I appreciate your reference to ext self awareness. It is a complicated thing, especially if you are aware of it yet for some reason still don't give a pft. I'm sure pages and pages could be written about this.

My experience with this has been one of a fluctuating nature it keeps oscillating back and forth as to the reason why it occurs in spite of being aware. Most of the reasons can be rationed away as being somewhat irrational, lacking pragmatism.

A weird example would be, "I don't care about what people think of me because they engage in some activity I find transgressively repulsive." Meaning that Self and the transgressive Others don't seem to belong in the same place. Obviously this implies that one or the other must be removed or relocated. This ultimately results in self-hatred. This line can be dismissed easily with effortful exertion of pragmatic logic and a healthy dose of shit-sandwich acceptance.

The harder one to banish is the detached curiosity. Maybe tempted to call it absurdism, but that is probably too simplistic.

There are a few other states but those two are likely the primary ones. Fluctuation can occur somewhat rapidly at times but usually it will be stuck in one particular way for a day or so. Maybe a day or so of no such issue. Then its back to curious alien mode or infrequently one of the minor reasons for awkwardness concerning people.

A dog is still a dog.

It helps to realize that if there is a fundamental objective 'problem' it is not the simple shit your mind is throwing around but rather something far more complex and impersonal. A problem that is relational.

This is why anthropomorphism irritates me if I let it. No, I do not want share the delusion that your pet is capable of having a human-like interactions. The dog is still having a doglike relational interaction, perhaps the dog assumes that you think about similar things as it.

This doesn't mean you have to practice by treating a pet dog as something completely impersonal, since I am capable of understanding the dog lives in a more dog-like reality and it probably cannot have any imagination to comprehend a human reality. I can make more accurate assumptions and treat the Dog in a way suited for both the Dog as well as myself.

dontwanna proofread sry

Anonymous said...

This blog had past topic of "external self-awareness".

[ares again]

Mental 'illnesses' are poorly understood. I've made a fairly decent effort to understand using whatever methods seem useful and are available.

This here isn't based off any study, just an theoretic observation which may or may not be accurate.

There are natural biases; somewhat against introverts and in favor of extroverts.

No I didn't just say this has anything to do with justice or any other nonsense. It simply appears that nature itself gives extroverts a numerical boost, meanwhile introverts are a different sort of animal representing a broader more extreme variance from introvert to introvert. I could easily see scenarios in which a minority of introverts for some bizarre reason excels even beyond most extroverts while the majority of introverts probably range from doing so-so to not-to-well.

The weird differences between extroverts and introverts probably play some kind of role in "external self-awareness".

I would dare say the "introverts" (I don't know how real or accurate these terms we take for granted actually are, but that's another issue entirely) experience a broader variation of such versions of "external self-awareness), hence probably makes being pro-social that much more difficult. Instead of a simple thing that works and becomes good at. An introvert is likely to have this morphing around a bit too much to be of pragmatic healthy use in life. The introverts tendency toward solipsism is a good example, I've been there, I can be there that is if I didn't hate it as much (note to self, avoid things that lead to like plague).

Another example is once the introvert notices these things and pays attention to them then experimentation can result sometimes by accident or even boredom.

OBEs are real phenomenon. If you want the most authentic form of "external self-awareness" it is hard to match an OBE, especially if it does not have too much distortion and you are fully conscious and not wack-a-mole. Supposedly people have various techniques to do this intentionally, mine was almost entirely accidental and I was naive of this brain phenomenon actually existing. Luckily recent neurological studies have been done to replicate such things so relief to know I am not crazy.

It is quite unusual to see something pretty much exactly like the mirrored image you see of yourself in real time but without the use of any mirror, photos, images, reflective devices, video or camera. But you staring at a disembodied you floating in the middle of a room as if there were an impossible mirror phasing in and out from wherever.

"The Theosophist Arthur Powell (1927) was an early author to advocate the subtle body theory of OBEs." (why do I assume he was an introvert? well, it is hard to find something more introverted than theosophy..)

Anonymous said...

"external self-awareness"


So yea, thanks for bringing that one up, now I want to hunt it down that as I havent read it, but I know I probably shouldnt

I seriously hate reading. In a way reading is like cramming in all this information of varying degrees of emotional content. The generic patterns this information cramming creates at times feels more like remembering than like learning. I would seriously rather just remember and understand all the shit than constantly attempt to cram it into my sottish prosy porcelain bowl.

Sam L. said...

The "Antifas" are PASSIVE aggressive? Seem more like actively aggressive aggressives.

Anonymous said...


We all agree the The "Antifas" are PASSIVE actively aggressive aggressives. I saw one pee on a hydrant then scamper off like on all fours. It was very disturbing to observe what was obviously a case of Demonic possession.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...
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Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for the wild, circular parody of Ares Olympus’ pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-sophisticated contributions here. All hail, Starhawk!


Anonymous said...

Thanks bro, I like your comments too even though half of yours end up deleted

Anonymous said...


"pseudo-intellectual" ... OK. sure, I like it, but the label is humorous.

Why deny reproducibility if it can be shown to you? Why then why do people attempt to turn off reproducibility when they find themselves drowning in it?

It's revolving. I'm not putting you down.

Anonymous said...


Lynn said...

I know this is late but anon you’re douche bag flush.

Not steve said...

Hey steve hows it going lol