Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Transgenderism and Homophobia

This will be the last post on transgenderism for a while. But, I feel obliged to report that Debra Soh, a neuroscientist and writer agrees with a position I have occasionally taken on the blog. Namely, that transgenderism begins when a child of one sex finds himself attracted to children of the same sex… and is induced or brainwashed into thinking that it means that he is really a she. Thus, transgenderism is a form of homophobia. For the record Soh's views are better researched than mine… thus my reason for sharing.

Soh writes:

And as I’ve watched as glowing stories about transgender children have flooded every progressive news outlet over the last few years, every one of them appalls and saddens me. Because the underlying story that the public isn’t privy to is that many of these children would have grown up to be gay, but are instead undergoing a new form of conversion therapy.

And also:

All of the available research following gender dysphoric children longitudinally shows that the majority desist; they outgrow their feelings of dysphoria by puberty and grow up to be gay in adulthood, not transgender.

Children will say they “are” the opposite sex because that’s the only language they have to express to adults that they want to do things the opposite sex does. Cross-sex behavior has also been shown to be a strong predictor of homosexuality in men. Previous research tells us that even children who are severe in their feelings of dysphoria will desist.

Facts pointing toward homophobia:

Another phenomenon that points to homophobia as a possible motivation for transitioning is that of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD), wherein adolescent and college-aged girls suddenly declare to their parents that they want to transition, without any previous signs of being distressed about their birth sex. This desire to transition usually manifests during or after puberty, yet these girls don’t meet any of the diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria.

A study published last month on ROGD—one that gained widespread media attention for infuriating transgender activists—found that a large proportion of these girls had come out as lesbian or bisexual prior to coming out as transgender.

Sadly, parents encourage their children to transition:

For those who are troubled at the thought of having a girly son, transitioning offers a promising solution—by allowing a child to transition, a feminine boy now presents as a feminine girl. A little boy who enjoys indulging in make-up and other female-typical activities will bring about much less attention and criticism if he were a girl.

This same logic extends to a child’s future sexual orientation. On some level, these parents likely know that there is a chance their feminine son will grow up to be sexually attracted to men. Instead of allowing this to happen, they may be more than happy to go along with facilitating their child’s requests to transition to the opposite sex, so that to the outside world, that child will appear heterosexual—an adolescent boy who is attracted to other boys will appear to be straight if he transitions to female. What’s most disturbing is that these parents will be lauded as open-minded and “on the right side of history,” when in actuality, they are homophobic. In some cases, a child may internalize their families’ anti-gay sentiments, which adds to their desire to transition.

I am happy to give Soh the last word.


autothreads said...

My old shrink told me 15 years ago that he believed that the vast majority of transgendered individuals are either homosexuals looking for a socially acceptable way to have sexual relations with people of their own birth sex, men with autogynohphilia, or extreme cases of body dismorphic syndrome.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Kudos to your old shrink!!!

Walt said...

This showed up on my newsfeed and fascinated me. Considering that the trans "boys" no longer have breasts but don't have male genitals either, it would seem that they and their (actual girl) girlfriends are merely--after all that and all that--having a lesbian relationship.

n.n said...

Sex (genotype) is binary: male and female. Gender (phenotype and choice) is binary: masculine and feminine, respectively, physical and mental (e.g. sexual orientation) attributes. The transgender spectrum is inclusive of homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites, neo-genders (e.g. neo-female), etc. There are some variations of the first, but they are rare, few, and far between.

n.n said...
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n.n said...

There is also transphobia, where homosexuals assume an elite status, and consider others in the transgender spectrum as separate and "=" (i.e. politically congruent, selectively exclusive).

Anonymous said...


Are saying that it is like a pecking order of bum buggers or a Gay-Trans-whatever Human Centipede?

This keeps getting more confusing. Next, they will all suddenly be straight, normal people that only dress up as LGBTQXYZ enthusiasts on the weekend as a shock and awe fashion statement.

Damn. confusing.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

For ADU-- Aaron Beck wrote a book called Anxiety Disorders and Phobias... in it he showed the the great majority of phobias react to things and situations that are potentially dangerous-- snakes, spiders, wolves, heights, crowds... etc.

Anonymous said...

"Sex (genotype) is binary: male and female. Gender (phenotype and choice) is binary: masculine and feminine, respectively, physical and mental (e.g. sexual orientation) attributes. The transgender spectrum is inclusive of homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites, neo-genders (e.g. neo-female), etc. There are some variations of the first, but they are rare, few, and far between."

Sex, gender... and very official definitions. Nice.

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