Tuesday, October 16, 2018

She Lost All her Friends in the Culture War

The next time you are tempted to disbelieve that today's young people are being indoctrinated in college or that they are acting like Red Guards or Brown Shirts, listen to this testimony. Via Maggie's Farm


Dr. Irredeemable Dreg said...

I think that was a tad overwrought. The people she describes as attacking her were never, in my opinion, friends.

Having said that, it's simply a fact that disagreeing with Proglodytes on even the smallest tenet of the Dogma o' th' Day is like dragging a broomstick down the cage doors in a primate lab; it's all screeching, threat displays, and feces-throwing. Over time, she'll acquire a better class of friends if she sticks to her guns. Literally. :-D

Unknown said...

I have lost connection with two of my sons who were "educated" in the best of prep schools and colleges that cost a small fortune. They are confirmed liberals and do not initiate any contact with me. It's a sad world. What passes in the world of "teaching" is somewhat more of indoctrination and nothing to do with teaching as when I grew up

Anonymous said...

Eat tallow fried in bacon grease tasty

lynney62 said...

Very interesting video....I wonder if parents today have any true idea of what their children are going through on "Social Media"? Thankfully, this lovely young person has strong family love and support.

Anonymous said...

I feel for her, thanks for sharing. I would probably agree with her opinions but keep my mouth shut and my head down, per my mom’s instructions: “don’t draw attention to yourself,” to prevent being targeted for persecution. Most of my mother’s family died in the holocaust. I sometimes see people trading on that as a credential to promote various progressive causes, and I cringe. Anyway, not much family to support me if I spoke out. so, shh. Kind of lonely though.


Anonymous said...

I do not feel sorry for her because I feel joy for the fact that she has found out that she is an individual and that is one of the most important aspect of living life. She is so far ahead of her peers in growing up to be an adult. putting away child things and thinking and accepting the responsibilities of adulthood. She seems to have found out that never allow people to control you by letting their opinions define you.
She will be alright because she has done something that significant numbers of people will never do, she has found her base. I could not be more happy for her. I wish her well. A truly amazing young person.

David Foster said...

She is indeed showing Courage, and I hope she will keep it up.

BUT, she needs to learn how to communicate more concisely. I'm not sure whether the video was originally intended for public consumption or for a group of people she knows, but even in the second case, it should have been 5 minutes rather than 17.

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