Monday, October 8, 2018

Anti-Semitism Makes a Comeback

Anti-Semitism has been making a comeback. It has been making a comeback in European, to the point of infesting major political parties, like the British Labour Party. But it is also making a comeback in America where frankly anti-Semitic candidates are running for office, nearly always under the banner of the Democratic Party.

Alexander Joffe has the story (via Maggie’s Farm):

Western political parties are undergoing astonishing antisemitism crises. The British Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn have been exposed as deeply and irrevocably antisemitic. The US Democratic Party has now nominated nearly a half dozen candidates for Congress who are implacably opposed to Israel, and stands on the verge of a millennial-driven transformation into Labour. Accusations of Jewish disloyalty and Israeli conspiracies are common, as are threats to banish Israel from the community of nations.

Why is it happening now? One reason must be the outsized success of the state of Israel. The current leftist mania about victimhood can no longer apply to a Jewish population that has built a great nation. And that has done so while surrounded by nations that have been trying to destroy it. The more Israel stands tall and proud, the more it attracts the hatred of Western leftists, and, of course Islamists:

But Jewish ‘whiteness’ and Israel’s ‘power’ have both erased Jewish victimhood and acted as de facto signs of evil. Anointing Palestinians as the ‘new Jews’ also resolves a theological problem for Protestant denominations and links handily to traditional Christian supersessionism and antisemitism.

In Great Britain, where the anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbin seems poised to become prime minister, the problem lies in the loss of a sense of national pride. Thanks to relentless attacks by the media and the educational establishment, British people have developed a rank self-loathing. Culturally, British culture and Jewish culture have had much in common. Many of those who despise Jews take them as a proxy for everything they despise in British culture.

But antisemitic attitudes also refract another phenomenon: the unrootedness of a broad swath of the British populace from Britishness. Few nations have repudiated their histories with the speed and anger of Britain, and post-imperial and post-colonial Britain possesses a deep self-loathing of its history and culture. Few cultures are so explicit about guilt and repudiation, although this is matched by the American far left, which sees the country’s founding as Original Sin. These are elite formulae that have been disseminated to the middle class through the educational system and media. Self-hatred (indistinguishable from overweening expressions of self-righteousness and self-love) also partially explains British and European attitudes towards Islam. Official multiculturalism of the 1980s and later was designed precisely to weaken the position of ‘white’ Europeans in their own countries, both demographically and culturally, and was cast in the guise of progressive enrichment and post-colonial restitution. In accepting millions of Muslims, especially from the most backward and unassimilated areas of Pakistan and Africa, the instrument of national self-mortification was chosen. Social dissolution in the form of ethnic partitioning, no-go zones, rape gangs, terrorism, and violence followed, along with separatist political parties. Was this an unintended consequence on the part of European elites accustomed to Olympian decision-making; a deliberate conspiracy, as the ‘Eurabia’ thesis suggests; or an unconscious choice to self-destruct? Perhaps it was all three.

And also:

European Muslims, suffused with theological antisemitism and conspiracism, influence majority cultures and give still further license to unlock antisemitic tendencies. Growing Muslim minorities also make it politically expedient for parties such as Labour to abandon the Jews. The complex dynamics described here are also occurring in the US, a society long exempt from European- (and Middle Eastern)-style antisemitism and violence. That will now change. Whether American political and cultural traditions of self-correction will temper this remains to be seen. Socialism and self-loathing are alien to most non-elite Americans, and local sources of antisemitism are not nearly as deep as they are in Europe. But American Jews should prepare for changes unlike anything seen in the five centuries since their arrival on that continent. Israel should prepare as well.

With the influx of Muslim migrants comes anti-Semitism. The more Muslims there are, the larger they become as a voting bloc. Muslims impose their culture on European host nations. These latter submit meekly to the invasion, allowing no-go zones, Shariah Law and rampant sex crimes. Among the most appalling ironies is the fact that the great feminist outrage machine has pusillanimously ignored the grooming gangs in Rotherham, England and the rape culture that Muslims have brought to Sweden. Multiculturalist imbeciles excuse the behaviors as the product of a different culture:

Muslims in Europe are increasingly the antithesis of its Jews: culturally demanding, politically active, and prone to public displays of dominance, such as taking over entire streets for prayers, and to private acts of violence. Governmental responses to these have been remarkably uniform. Both politicians and public safety officials decry a ‘misunderstanding’ of Islam that results in organized violence and routinely ascribe individual violence to ‘mental illness.’ In Scandinavia in particular they absolve behavior by alleging cultural misunderstanding, as if rape and murder are somehow contingent concepts. Muslim antisemitism, however, is uniformly covered up, particularly when it is the motive for murder. Perhaps these are unconscious efforts to domesticate European Islam by exculpation and by gently defining conceptual boundaries and behavioral patterns – but they barely mask a terrifying fear of what politicians have wrought.

In America, anti-Semitism is mostly being fomented within the African-American community, led by leaders like Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. Leftist Americans need African-American votes, so they dare not denounce these purveyors of anti-Semitism.


Sam L. said...

Anti-Semitism ALWAYS makes a comeback, because it never goes away (it was just resting up).

Go back said...
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Anonymous said...

Sam L.,
Is this not true with most things that human beings deal with in their lives? If one looks at history it is one long line of people making the same mistake over and over and over.....................again. All one has to do is look at the current environment and the utilization of bullying, threats, violence to see the prelude to the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Fascism, et al. And as per usual it is centered in the academic community of so called experts who believe themselves the people who have the right to control others by rights of a piece of paper.
Sadly Democracy always leads to MOB rule. It is why the Founders made this a Constitutional Republic as indicated by B. Franklin. I sometimes wonder whether this a level of Hell where we get to keep repeating the same mistakes. We will never progress until we stop being a creature of this level of Hell. Where are the people with the leadership potential of Churchill to stand up to this tyranny before it consumes all of us in a war driven by the ultimate stupidity of those who lust for power? Surely not on the left and in "NeverTrumper" land. When your whole concept of live is dividing people into ever smaller victim groups there is only one outcome at the end of that trail, Death.
Christopher Columbus brought real diversity to this country. A thing to celebrate.