Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cognitive Dissonance in Davos

Donald Trump was at the internationalist confab in Davos, Switzerland. So was famed Swedish truant, Greta Thunberg.

As is her wont, Thunberg issued forth with a raging hysterical rant about pending climate apocalypse. The assembled magnates, not one of whom would hire her for anything, happily acquiesced.

After all, they and their companies have declared themselves to be climate change true believers. They are going to allocate capital away from fossil fuels and toward environmentally sustainable energy production. You know, like solar panels.

Did you ever get the impression that the West is involved in a slow motion suicide?

Here's a fun fact for today. Yesterday Australia suffered a hail storm. Guess what, a lot of those solar panels were damaged by the hail. Whoever would have thought that such a thing could happen?

Anyway, joining the climate change hysteria is apparently good public relations for the globalist crowd at Davos. And yet, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson informs us that, behind the scenes, they all know that it’s pure bullshit.

Cognitive dissonance he calls it:

"Publicly, you have to agree with Greta Thunberg and you have to be part of the virtue-signaling community on climate change, on ESG."

"Privately, you're quietly agreeing with Trump."

So, the Davos grandees need Trump. They are thrilled by the Trump policy program. They favor his election:

“The dirty little secret of Davos 2020 is they all need him to get re-elected,”  told Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christophorus, when asked if wealthy attendees are begrudgingly rooting for President Donald Trump. “Nobody wants to say that out loud.”

Ferguson shed the light of reason on the Green New Deal, one that has in part been adapted by Angela Merkel’s Germany. It is going to produce economic stagnation. He remarks that Greta’s platform is built on lies… but we give her a pass because she’s a teenager:

But the real point of note from Ferguson was his honest angst at Greta's platform of lies.

"The reality is that the Green Deal [and its massive debt load] will amount to a drag on German manufacturing and the eurozone economy as a whole."

"Privately, a lot of people are admitting that Trump is doing the stuff we should be doing - fiscal stimulus."

As for carbon dioxide emissions, the main culprit is not America. It is not Western Europe. It is China… and India. No one remarks on the obvious point:

Simply put, Ferguson dares to say that all the virtue-signaling is not in any way candid, because if it were, they would admit that:

"60% of CO2 emissions since Greta Thunberg was born is attributable to China... but nobody talks about that. They talk as if its somehow Europeans and Americans who are going to fix this problem... which is frustrating because it doesn't get to the heart of the matter."

Ferguson comfortably admits that there is a climate change problem, but that's not the point. The point is what are we going to do about it, to which he asks rhetorically…

"If you're serious about slowing CO2 emissions and temperatures rising it has to be China and India that are constrained."

But Greta goes to New York or Davos:

"I don't see her in Beijing or Delhi."

We should all chip in and send Greta to beautiful downtown Beijing. She can rant and rave in Tiananmen Square. We’ll see how that all works out.


UbuMaccabee said...

Fight Night! Greta vs the Chicoms should on pay-per-view. I'm going to open with a cage match between Joe Pientka and Michael Flynn. And for the main event: Orangemanbad vs Potato-salad Joe behind the woodshed.

Sam L. said...

I could contribute a couple of bucks to send Greta to Beijing.

A friend of my son is teaching there. He told me, a few years ago, that the pollution there never gets more than 250 ppm...because that's the officially-set maximum number.