Saturday, January 11, 2020

Liz, Wash Your Face

Now that her presidential campaign is floundering, perhaps even having reached a point of no return, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is engaging in flagrantly sexist rhetoric. 

Gone are the grandiose plans for wrecking the American economy. Now, Warren is giving dating advice and beauty tips. Apparently, today’s liberated women voters are more inclined to vote for a woman who shares her skincare routine.

So, the candidate who opened her campaign by thrusting a beer bottle into her mouth has now shared this tidbit with Cosmo readers. You know Cosmo; it’s the courtesan’s manual.

Warren told them:

… I never wash my face.

Perhaps she is completely ignorant of book culture, but I would recommend that she take a quick glance at a mindless self-help mega best seller called:

Girl, Wash Your Face. 

It used to be that cleanliness was next to Godliness. Now we can dispense with cleanliness in favor of vanity.

As for the Warren presidential campaign. Stick a fork in it; it’s done.


whitney said...

So are we pretending that she looks good for her age? She still thin so that's something but there's nothing remarkably youthful about her. Though she could fix that with the judicial use of filters but she could never be seen in public again. I recommend!

Ubumaccabee said...

She looks and moves like an insect with big, ugly ears stuck on her face. Haircut highlights this. The schoolmarm sweaters look dreadful on her skinny, flabby body. She moves without rhythm and is tough on the eyes and ears. Seems to take pride in what a man once called "the sublimation of ugliness."