Thursday, January 16, 2020

French Intellectuals for Pedophilia

You might not have noticed, but France is having a #MeToo reckoning. It’s not about workplace harassment. It’s about pedophilia. It’s about a French author, by name of Gabriel Marzneff who wrote about his sexual relations with children. And who received many great honors from the French nation and the French public. And who is now being called out for his criminal behavior.

Now we learn that pedophilia has long been considered a worthy cause among French intellectuals. In 1977 a group of intellectuals published an open letter calling for the decriminalization of sex with children under the age of fifteen. By their calculus such a child could offer consent freely, and thus the state had no business butting in.

Among those who signed the letter, Jean-Paul Sartre, Gilles de Leuze, Michel Foucault, Gabriel Matzneff and famed child psychoanalyst, Francoise Dolto.

Here is an excerpt from Le Point:

Sale temps pour les icônes des années 1970. L'affaire Matzneff a rappelé que Françoise Dolto avait, en 1977, aux côtés de Sartre, Deleuze, Foucault et, bien sûr, Gabriel Matzneff, paraphé une lettre ouverte qui demandait la « décriminalisation » des relations avec les moins de 15 ans, et assurait que la notion de « consentement du mineur » suffisait amplement. 

Translated, with a minor correction:

[It’s an ugly] time for the icons of the 1970s The Matzneff case recalled that Dolto had, in 1977, alongside Sartre , Deleuze , Foucault and, of course, Gabriel Matzneff , signed an open letter calling for the "decriminalization" relationships with those under 15, and ensured that the notion of "minor's consent" was more than enough. 


Anonymous said...

Intellectuals? The phrase "shit for brains" comes to mind.

a person who has been educated beyond his competence.

Sam L. said...

French "intellectuals" are lousy people.

Korora said...

I knew Sartre had issues, but I had no idea...

UbuMaccabee said...

Fisted by Foucault!

“Pierre Verdrager, a sociologist and author of “L’Enfant Interdit,” or “Forbidden Child,” a book on the politics surrounding pedophilia in the 1970s, said that what united its defenders was the belief that France had an “aristocracy” that was not bound to ordinary norms of conduct.

While the ordinary French appeared revolted by the apologists, writers were considered part of this elite and were even expected to engage in acts of moral transgression, Mr. Verdrager said.

“There was an aristocracy of sexuality, an elite that was united in putting forth new attitudes and behavior toward sex,” Mr. Verdrager said. “And they were also grounded in an extreme prejudice toward ordinary people, whom they regarded as idiots and fools.”

That perfectly describes our rotten intelligentsia since Bloomsbury. They have destroyed our universities. Ithaca delenda est!

UbuMaccabee said...

I’m going to screw a cocker spaniel while I tie it down to a tumbril and cut it’s head off with a guillotine at the exact moment I reach orgasm and have its head roll down into the audience. One performance only.

Ubu the Continental Philosopher in homage to Antoni Artaud as reported by the Shade of Susan Sontag