Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Feminist Misogyny

Imagine that we want to improve women’s positions in the workplace. Imagine that we want women to be able to command respect on the job. Imagine that we want women to be judged by their achievements, not by their body parts.

We could rant about it all. We could get completely outraged any time a woman is disrespected on the job. We could insist that women be promoted to fulfill diversity quotas, regardless of whether or not they commanded the respect of their subordinates.

And yet, another aspect of this equation is often overlooked. It’s not about the theory. It’s not about destroying the patriarchy, rhetorical flourish that does not help women. It’s about choosing the best role models, professional women who command respect for their accomplishments and for their good character. 

If the role models for successful professional women are no-accounts, incompetent frauds, loudmouthed ranters and haters… this must make it that much more difficult for women to advance in the business world.

If we, perchance, were looking for a woman who commands respect for her achievements, whose presence is professional and highly competent, who does not lean in, but who stands up tall, proudly… we could not do better than former U. N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. 

How much better was she than her predecessor, Samanta Power, she of the Rapunzel complex, sorely in need of a haircut, sad sack intellectual who will be known for stabbing Israel in the back at the Security Council.

Surely, Power did not command respect. 

Nor did Susan Rice, known especially for lying over and over again about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Yet, they all pale when compared to the worthless incompetent fraud know as Hillary Clinton.

Didn’t Hillary announce her presence on the world stage by presenting the Russian Foreign Minister with a plastic toy, supposedly marked with the word “Reset.? You see, Hillary wanted to reset foreign policy with Russia after the dread Bush years. And yet, Sergei Lavrov looked at the toy and noted that her crack staff had gotten the word wrong.

Simply put, he was slapping her down, exposing the pretense of her position as a world leader. After all, nothing required him to say anything. If he chose to talk down to Hillary, he was simply putting her in her place.

But, that is not all. If we want to promote women in the workplace, we would want to extol a woman whose achievements were her own, who had worked her way up the corporate or professional hierarchy. We would not choose a woman who had parlayed her husband’s name and political power into a series of sinecures, of jobs where she accomplished nothing.

As Secretary of State Hillary gave aid and comfort to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after one of its leaders won the presidential election. Since the Brothers were all in for wife beating, wife rape, honor killings and female genital mutilation, Hillary felt compelled to be the first foreign leader to celebrate the Morsi victory by meeting with him in Cairo.

And, let’s not forget leading from behind in Libya, an absurd policy designed for no other reason than to allow Hillary to look like a tough guy. Not only did she destroy that nation but taking out Qaddhafi, a man who had shut down his nuclear weapons program, assured that no other world leader would ever deprive himself of nuclear weapons.

As for Benghazi, Hillary’s failure to take any responsibility for the death of her ambassador, Christopher Stevens, a man who had written to the State Department over 600 times, asking for better security, showed her to be a moral eunuch of the first order.

Saying that it doesn’t matter what happened, shifts the blame to everyone involved in the aborted rescue operation and to everyone who failed to improve his security. No serious leader shifts blame in that way.

Better yet, we would certainly not choose a woman whose marriage was a political arrangement, designed to allow her to advance into jobs for which she was markedly unqualified.

And we would not choose the nation’s leading enabler of sexual harassment, the women whose husband harassed women, whose husband was credibly accused of raping a woman, who was happy to defend him… because it served her own political ambitions. Heck, she has recently come to defend her relationship with Harvey Weinstein.

Keep in mind, women who engage in arranged marriages are very often more than happy to allow their husbands to do what they please with other women… as long as they take their needs outside of the conjugal bed.

And, in our LGBTQ friendly world, we would not make our role model a woman who was so obviously in the closet. When Hillary opened up to Howard Stern and explained that despite the rumors of her gayness, she had never felt the least attraction to women, we know that she was lying. In truth, all women feel some attraction to beautiful women. It’s normal. The only people who feel no attraction to women are gay men. 

And then, upon losing the 2016 election Hillary became the world’s worst sore loser. In violation of the most elementary democratic decorum, she blamed everyone but herself for the loss, declaring her opponent illegitimate, and topping it all off by accusing Tulsi Gabbard and Edith Stein of being Russian assets.

Now, for whatever reason, Hillary recently decided to attack Sen.Bernie Sanders, no favorite of ours, because no one likes him. A woman who had famously been described in a splendid irony, by Barack Obama as “likable enough,” should know better than to raise the question of likability. Better yet, in saying that Sanders never accomplished anything, she was drawing attention to the fact that she never did either. 

As for Obama’s saying that Hillary was the most qualified person ever to run for president, it was a joke. 

So, women could not have found a worse standard bearer than Hillary Clinton. No women more completely undermines women’s prospects and their ability to command respect than the dowager Duchess of Chappaqua. 

One might even imagine that a perverse malignant spirit had taken hold of the feminist mind and had trotted out a caricature of women, one that seems to have been created by a misogynist, designed to make women look like posers, claiming plaudits that they did not earn.

Women would do themselves a very large favor of getting over Hillary Clinton.


trigger warning said...

Of all the complex mysteries that swirl around Hillary Clinton, which have both real and imaginary parts, the most mysterious to me is how she managed to f*** up a one-word Russian translation featured as the central point in a major, internationally televised foreign policy event while serving as head of the US DoS, an organization that surely has among the best, if not the very best, Russian language experts in America.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is thermonuclear incompetence.

Unknown said...

Superb piece. Correct on all accounts. Thank you.

UbuMaccabee said...

And remember Jen Psaki and Marie (I chew on my hair) Harf? A couple of awe inspiring leaders. I laughed out loud every time they came on. (Nom nom nom). Imagine what Lavarov must have said over drinks about those weaklings. And Madeline Albright chasing Arafat down the hall, “ please, Yassar, please come back.” Where to all these dummies come from? What do they all have in common? Oh, I know: Ithaca delenda est.