Saturday, January 25, 2020

Transgender Terrorism

So much for intersectionality. You know all about intersectionality. By its theoretical lights oppressed groups have something in common. They are all oppressed by the straight white male patriarchy. And they ought all to band together to form a vanguard to overthrow said oppressive bigots. The groups include members of minority ethnic groups, African-Americans, women, gays, Muslims and of course the transgendered.

One might notice that these groups, if you put them all together, constitute a majority of the citizens in a place like the United States. Just in case you think that they want to impose their will by violent revolution, this simple fact suggests that they are aiming to produce an unbeatable electoral coalition. The more oppressed people vote the easier it will be for intersectionalists to take over the country. 

You might ask what these groups have in common, but that would require some thought. And intersectionality does not allow any thought to undermine its political agenda. 

Better yet, the transgender activist community, in a place like Great Britain, in a school like the venerable Oxford University, has been known to shut down free expression by employing Storm Trooper tactics. If you say the wrong thing, even if you are a fully committed feminist, they will threaten you, harass you and try to cause you serious bodily harm.

Why the authorities have not put these people in jail defies the imagination.

Consider the case of Oxford historian Selina Todd. She researched the transgender issue and concluded that this current media-driven aberration was bad for women.

On her website, Todd writes, “Like every other gender critical feminist I know, I encountered the current debate about whether transgender people should be able to self-identify as such (without fulfilling other legal and medical requirements) from the instinctive standpoint that I wanted to support transpeople’s rights,” according to

“But after months of research, I concluded that this position would harm the rights of women, because so often what is being asked for is free access to women-only spaces.”

Penis bearing human beings who declare themselves to be female demanding free access to women-only spaces. Does that sound like a veiled description of a rape? Hmm. 

Is there a concomitant demand for vagina bearing human beings who declare themselves to be males to be admitted into men-only spaces. If not, why not? It’s a question that is surely worthy of Oxford.

Anyway, now Todd gives lectures in the company of two burly bodyguards:

A feminist professor at Oxford University was given two security guards to protect her from potentially violent transgender activists furious over some of things she wrote on her website, according to a report Friday.

Selina Todd, a historian who focuses on the lives of working-class women, received threats after writing that trans people sometimes “harm the rights of women,” according to the UK Telegraph.

“I get frightened by the threats in lectures,” she told the paper. “You can’t help but worry. It’s had a huge impact on me. You don’t expect to be defending yourself the whole time from complaints or threats of violence.”

Todd said the presence of two “two big burly guys” at her lectures is designed to protect her from threats verified by the school — and quite a handful of students who recently began showing up in trans activists T-shirts, and calling her “transphobic.

You have to wonder why the authorities have not seriously cracked down on this. Then again, the authorities do not seem to care that transgenderism is causing children to be mutilated with puberty blocking drugs, to be poisoned with opposite sex hormones and to be carved up surgically. 

That the British intelligentsia and the public authorities have become totally passive, submissive and supine in the face of transgender activists is a very bad civilizational omen, indeed.


Sam L. said...

There may not BE an England, if Boris Johnson doesn't crack down on this idiocy.

UbuMaccabee said...

That’s why we have concealed carry.

UbuMaccabee said...

Whatever you do, do not cross Globohomo--ever. No single group in America is more vindictive and punitive as the velvet mafia. If intersectionality has a hierarchy (and it does) then the group that the corporate invertebrates fear most, the one that keeps them up at night, is Gobohomo. Globotranshomo is like the Geheime Staatspolizei of Globohomo. Even lesbians are afraid of Globotranshomo. Helpful to keep in mind that Globohomo has the highest rate of drug use of any group in the country; it never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

I read the hed as transgender tourism.


n.n said...

Gender (i.e. masculine, feminine) refers to sex-correlated physical and mental attributes. The transgender spectrum covers deviations from homosexual to neosexual (e.g. simulated attributes). That said, stop discrimination of Fetal-Americans ("babies"). Close the abortion chambers. End the wicked solution. Lost your Pro-Choice religion.