Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Bernie Sanders Message

The Babylon Bee, bless it, satirizes the Bernie Sanders message with a faux op-ed column. We would like to think, if only for a moment, that the Sanders candidacy is satire.

I pass it on for your edification:

Capitalism has failed us.

The year is [editor please insert current year here], and we still have an economic system where the rich people just continue to get richer, while the poor suffer by also getting richer.

We must look to socialism for a more equitable system, one in which there are no upper or lower classes---well, at least one in which there is no upper class. We must look to socialism, where wealth isn't created just to be distributed unevenly, but rather isn't created at all. Only then can we have an economic system where the rich don't get a lot richer and poor people don't have to undergo the terrible fate of only getting a little bit richer.


Anonymous said...

"Et cependent le meilleur moyen de rendre tout le monde pauvre serait de decreter l'égalité des fortunes." - Napoleon. However the best way to make everyone poor would be to decree equality of wealth.

UbuMaccabee said...

Bernie Sanders in one video. All you need to know right here.