Saturday, March 24, 2018

America's War on Female Sexual Pleasure

The American war on female sexual pleasure proceeds apace. Out Puritanical nation is up in arms over the possibility that adult women might be having too much sex. It has taken to harassing them, criminalizing their conduct and shaming them in public.

Take the case of Alexis Mashak of Bangor, Wisconsin. A married woman, aged 27, Mashak is a middle school physical education teacher. So far, so good. Here is a picture of her in better days:
 She was caught on camera kissing a male student.  The pair told police they had sex in her car and shared nude photos of each other
Of course, you are going to be thinking that young Alexis seduced one of her middle school students—most of whom are barely pubescent. But, no, that was not her crime. Her crime involved a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old male who was not her student. According to Wisconsin law, 17 is under the age of consent. Thus it represents a violation of natural law. To be truthful, the age of consent varies from country to country. It is not a moral absolute.

Anyway, we read the sordid details of what this seductive adulteress inflicted on this poor 17-year-old in the Daily Mail. Where else?

A married middle school teacher from Wisconsin is facing several charges after being accused of having sex with a high school student.

Meadowview Middle School physical education teacher Alexis Mashak, 27, of Bangor admitted to having sexual contact with a 17-year-old Sparta High School male student between November 2017 and March of this year. 

Gird your loins… it gets worse:

According to the complaint, police began investigating earlier this week after CCTV footage from the Sparta Barney Family Community Center caught Mashak kissing the student a day earlier.

The student said he met Mashak through his girlfriend and that they both worked at the Sparta Boys & Girls Club.

The pair told police they had sexual contact in his vehicle, his house and the community center, and that they shared nude photographs, according to the complaint.

Mashak is charged with child enticement, sexual assault of a child by a person who works with children and two counts of exposing genitals.

What would we do without closed circuit television. Mashak is being indicted for exposing her genitals… twice. In a culture where large percentages of young people routinely sext each other—I disapprove—she faces jail time for doing what most of her peers do on a daily basis. Apparently, her dereliction is totally horrible because… she works with children. Basically she is being treated like a sexual predator.

One can only imagine the unimaginable harm that was inflicted on this poor high school boy. One can only hope and pray that he will one day be about to overcome the traumas that were inflicted on him.

For the record, here’s a picture of Mashak after she got caught. It's an interesting before and after comparison.

Was she ashamed of what she did or horrified at being caught. By the way, one suspects that her husband was none too happy to hear about this… assuming that he did not know already. With the millennial generation, never know.


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When I was a teenager, this sort of thing was but a fever-dream. Neeeever gonna happen.

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