Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Women Who Reject Condoms

Our American sexual revolution overthrew all sexual inhibitions and prohibitions. Finally, it arrived at one final taboo that it could not dismiss. It declared that you can do what you want when you want with whom you want sexually… as long as you use a condom. 

Women do not need male protectors. They only need to use what is called protection… a condom that will prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. In truth, condoms are not foolproof. Used correctly, they might be one of the best ways to protect against STDs, but they do not prevent all of them. 

As you know, rates of STDs seem always to be rising in sexually liberated America. And, because the younger generation is woke, we now know that men who perform oral sex on women are four times more likely to contract an STD than are women who perform oral sex on men. Does this make it more or less likely that there is a God?

Today’s fun fact, reported in a reputable scientific journal, tells us that women are as likely as men to want to go bareback. Considering that condoms are touted as a means to protect women and considering that conventional wisdom has it that men are more likely to want to avoid such barriers to their pleasure, this comes as something of a surprise.

Nevertheless, it seems true.

Eric Dolan reports for Psypost:

A new scientific study in published in The Journal of Sex Research suggests it is common for young women to convince their partners to have unprotected sex.

Young adults in the United States bear a disproportionate share of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They account for half of new STIs each year, despite making up about one-quarter of the sexually-active population.

Condoms are the most effective means of preventing the transmission of STIs — but many men and women still refuse to use them.

The new study of 235 sexually-active heterosexual women, ages 18 to 20, found that condom use resistance tactics were common.

The researchers found that roughly half of the women reported successfully convincing a man who wanted to use a condom to not use one. The participants reported successfully resisting condom use an average of 16 times since the age of 14.

Sexually active from age 14. One suspects that such sexual activity was not limited to committed relationships. The more young people sleep around the more they expose themselves to STDs. Happily, these young people have received immersive sex education from the time they were in elementary school.

Might we ask ourselves what purpose such sex education served? Might we ask how it happened that all of the pro-condom talk produced a generation of young women who preferred nakedness to the sheath?

You will also be interested to know that women who had already contracted an STI or STD were more likely not to want to use a condom:

The researchers also found that women with a history of STIs were much more likely to use condom use resistance tactics than women without a history. But the cross-sectional nature of the study made it impossible to draw any conclusions about cause and effect.

Regrettably, the researchers cannot draw any conclusions from this salient piece of information. Undoubtedly, the scientists are far too intelligent to think of such a thing, but a woman who does not use contraceptives is far more likely to get pregnant. Could it be that these women are trying to get pregnant? Do they want to see whether they are fertile? Are they on the pill? Were they having their periods?

Why didn't the researchers consider these possibilities?


Anonymous said...

"You will also be interested to know that women who had already contracted an STI or STD were more likely not to want to use a condom:"

Could the virus alter behavior of it's host to want to transmit the disease?

Sam L. said...

I would think most men would NOT want to impregnate the woman. I could be wrong, of course.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

That's why they resist.

Ares Olympus said...
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Deana said...

Stuart - I adore your writing. Wonderful piece.

We have been overly successful at minimizing or even eliminating the consequences of many poor decisions. Behaviors will not change until people are held legally, socially, and financially responsible for the logical turn of events following their decisions.