Sunday, March 18, 2018

Feminists for Sex Segregation

Perhaps you were thinking that it couldn’t get any crazier? You were wrong. On the British side of the pond, transgender activism has provoked a feminist reaction. Transgenderists want to be able to swim in swimming pools that only allow members of one sex. Normally, this has meant, one's biological sex. In our brave new world transgenderists want it to include anyone who has identified as a member of their chosen sex. Evidently, this has seemed to many people to attack one-sex only swimming pools. One can only imagine how Britain's large Muslim population is going to greet this.

Anyway, feminists are now protesting against the transgenderists. They want to bring back sexual segregation.

How are they protesting? Simple: they are declaring themselves to be male identified, are swimming in male-only pools, are changing in male only lockers and are going topless. Since men never wear tops to their swimsuits, ergo.

You can’t make this stuff up?

The Daily Mail has the story:

First transgender activists made a splash when men identifying as female invaded the women-only pond on Hampstead Heath.

Now feminists have hit back by attending a men-only swimming session in protest over proposals that would make it easier for people to change gender.

Amy Desir, 30 – one of two women to gain access to the South London pool last Friday – caused particular consternation by wearing just trunks and a pink swimming cap.

Another woman, who would only give her name as Hannah because she is afraid of reprisals from trans activists, told staff at Dulwich Leisure Centre that they had every right to join the session because they ‘identified as male’.

Both women used the male changing rooms before joining around 20 men in the 25-metre pool. Ms Desir, a mother of two from Luton, said: ‘We are doing it to highlight the ridiculous and dangerous move towards self-identification.

‘We are clearly not men but by saying we are, we were allowed to join in men-only activities.’…

Hannah, 39, a former civil servant, was accompanied by her husband David, 46, an accountant. She said: ‘I’ve never been an activist and I’m incredibly nervous about doing this but the issue prompted me to take action. It is about safety and dignity – people have a right to segregated areas. It is not enough to say I am a man and use male changing rooms or vice versa.’

For our further edification the Daily Mail provides a picture of Amy Desir in her swimsuit— her towel strategically placed to preserve her modesty.

Amy Desir, 30, wore just trunks and a pink swimming cap to attend a men-only swimming session at a south London pool


Jack Fisher said...

Please, not this early in the morning. I can't deal with fat chicks wearing ... my eyes ... the horror ... .

Sam L. said...

Feminists and "gender-activists" are/seem-to-be/doing-a-damned-good-act-of-being nuts.
For various definitions of nuts.

Ares Olympus said...

Clearly transgender isn't the right word. It sounds like just trouble makers on both sides. Probably if the members just ignored them, they'd get bored and go away.

I think it's a worthy question to consider whether or how public or private groups can exclude people by gender. Probably the best defense isn't legal, but just to be offensive to the other gender, like a male club might put up pornographic photos on the walls, smoke cigars and speak in vulgar language, and I suppose a female club can find their own approach - wearing pussy hats might work, but they already do that in public. Maybe requiring pussy hats to be worn would work?

Toastmasters club first allowed women in 1973, although my club was started in 1977 as an all male club. Currently it is over 80% male, and really once one gender is in the minority by more than a 3:1 ratio, its hard to get the opposite gender to join at all. We do vote in members, in case we need to vote out a disruptive member, but generally when this has happened, the member has left on his or her own soon enough. The main reason to kick out a member is if the behavior is risking multiple members to leave otherwise.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Ugly is forever.