Monday, March 5, 2018

Angela Merkel's Legacy

Angela Merkel has won herself a fourth term as German Chancellor. The damage she has done to her country will long outlast her tenure. As we have often noticed, Merkel’s open arms policy has severely damaged her nation. Nothing like having a leader who believes that we are all citizens of the world.

The Daily Mail’s Sue Reid reports from a German suburb called Marxloh. It’s always useful to see conditions on the ground:

Half the 20,000 residents in this suburb have foreign roots, many arriving thanks to a border-free EU and German chancellor Angela Merkel’s offer of welcome to the world’s refugees.

The outcome of Europe’s biggest migration crisis since the Second World war has been disastrous for Marxloh.

Many of the newcomers are jobless and so rely on state benefits, and hang around with nothing worthwhile to do.

A leaked police report says the streets are controlled by drug dealers and robbers who ‘view crime as their leisure activity’. 

As for the Germans who remain here, some are frightened to go out after dark because of ‘conflicts between foreigners’, claiming that tram journeys through the area in the evenings are ‘nightmarish’.

‘We have many problems here and they do not get better,’ explains the tulip man in good English as he hands me an orange bloom from his basket.

‘This is a dangerous place that Mrs Merkel has tried hard to forget.’

The town has now become Islamized… and is too dangerous for German citizens:

Marxloh, a 20-minute tram ride away from central Duisburg in western Germany, used to be a place for German families to visit on a Saturday afternoon for shopping, a picnic in the park, or a coffee and beer at the pavement cafes. 

Not many outsiders visit here now, or dare to. The majority of women wear hijabs in respect of their Muslim religion and crowds of men in leather jackets gather on street corners to smoke while talking in foreign languages and staring pointedly at strangers.

Government studies have confirmed that the new migrants have brought crime and chaos to Germany. In many places they have simply taken over:

She [Merkel] was speaking a few weeks after a government-ordered study showed a drastic increase in violent crime committed by male migrants in Germany aged between 14 and 30. 

Written by a group of criminologists, it said the influx of asylum seekers had led to the depressing spike.

A report prepared for the regional parliament on the breakdown of law and order in the Duisburg area has claimed Lebanese gangs, in particular, refuse to recognise police authority. 

Their members are young men between 15 and 25, and that ‘nearly 100 per cent’ of them – according to the report – are wanted for suspected crimes including physical assault, theft or robbery.

It is a portrait of appallingly bad leadership, imposed by a woman who has been idolized by the Western media. So much for girl power.


whitney said...

These people want nothing but power. They are not benevolent. They don't care about the people of their countries. They have no investment in the future

Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French President, has no children.
– German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no children.
– Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has no children
– British Prime Minister Theresa May has no children.
– Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.
– Holland’s Mark Rutte,
– Sweden’s Stefan Löfven,
– Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel, and
– Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, all have no children.
– Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has no children.

Zbignu said...

And yet she has been re-elected to a fourth term. I no longer have any sympathy for the German people. You reap what you sow.