Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Woman Assaults Man

I know what you're thinking. You can guess that this is a mug shot, of a young women from Bridgeport Connecticut. You probably imagine that such a good looking lady was probably arrested for ruining the life of a sixteen year old by by teaching him about the joy of sex.

For once,you would be wrong. This comely creature was arrested for beating the tar about of her sometime boyfriend. You see, he tried to break up with her... and she took it badly. She put him in the hospital. 

I report the incident to show you that even good looking women are not as weak as you think. We would like to think that her boyfriend, who apparently was a very good judge of character, was a true gentleman... and took one for the team.

The New York Post has the story:

A college student in Connecticut landed in jail after she apparently didn’t take a breakup well, police said.

Kathryn A. Mahoney, a Fairfield University student, was arrested Thursday for allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face when he suggested they stop dating, The Fairfield Citizen reported.

Police said Mahoney, 19, responded to being dumped by striking him in the stomach and nose, leaving him bleeding.

He told authorities that tried to stop her by grabbing her shoulders, but eventually ran to a friend’s dorm for help.

The victim reportedly took himself to a local hospital to get treatment for a swollen and bloody nose, according to The Fairfield Citizen.

Mahoney was taken into custody and booked on third-degree assault and disorderly charges.


whitney said...

It was the right decision to break up with her

Sam L. said...

He should have done it by phone.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother taught me years ago to never underestimate a woman's use of violence. It has kept me out of problem situations for years. I reach the age of 16 and thought no one was going to tell me what to do. I was just smarter than everyone? I made the mistake of telling my grandmother I no longer had to pay attention to her because I was bigger than she. She got that little gleam in her eye and pointed to my baseball bat and said quietly "You have to sleep." She used to work in a mental institution so I did not doubt her ability to take action given the stories she used to tell me.
It has amazed me all these years, and I have mentioned it before, how many times I have seen women hit men. Had it happen to me for what reason I have no idea, but knew I could not retaliate. I suspect women have learned that they can get away with it.
Old rule: The more the beauty the more the possible that there is ugliness beneath that facade. What's the old song, "Never make a beautiful woman your wife?" A Woman scorned???? Funny thing about Old Wives' tales in that many of them were arrived at by observing what people are really like.

Ares Olympus said...

I do have to wonder if alcohol was involved. I certainly don't approve of hitting women, even abusive women, but you ought to at least have sufficient skills to defend yourself!

Maybe men need to think of a woman as like a cat. Cats are not tamed. She's got claws and teeth, and if you get scratched or bit, it's because you were not paying attention.

The closest I observed personally is a college friend tried to break up with his girlfriend at a wedding reception, and it ended with her chasing him around the room and throwing wine at him from her glass. Later my friend confessed he had been a jerk to her, trying to get her to break up with him, so sometimes a man deserves it.

Linda Fox said...

Deserves to be assaulted?


Reverse the genders, and imagine the vitriol that would be unleashed on you for suggesting it.

If women want the "right" to hit men with impunity, they have to accept the reverse situation.

Jack Fisher said...

this is a Man Bites Dog story.

Ares Olympus said...

Linda Fox said... Deserves to be assaulted?

Absolutely, especially under age 25 or so. Physical pain is transitory, although humiliation might take longer to heal.

The difference between men and women apparently is a man would prefer physical aggression since it is easier to understand. And if he has wronged someone, and it has been repaid with a physical assault, refusing to hit back is a form of taking responsibility for his transgressions, and clearing his conscience.

Of course between men the conflict should end with the question like "Are we cool?" just to be sure. The question can be asked by either side which doesn't want to fight any more, even the side that threw the last punch can try it. And no one has to run away and hide, and you can be friendly next time you see each other.

Jack Fisher said...

AO, did you grow up in a lab under a glass dome on another planet?

Ares Olympus said...

Jack Fisher said... AO, did you grow up in a lab...

Thank you for asking. If there were any observers to my earthly upbringing, they haven't presented themselves yet. I do have many questions for them, but I am grateful they let me make my own mistakes.

Deana said...

Anonymous - I think I would have loved your grandmother.

Anonymous said...


She was this short, kind and caring person who was a ball of fire if you crossed her. I think that was the only time I experienced it. Much Like my wife who I watched dress down an Army Green Beret. Passionate and a ball of fire.

Anonymous said...

I've read that males are surprisingly often abused/assaulted/maimed by wives & girlfriends & other females.

But for various reasons, it's not often acted upon or commonly known.

My Ma was like Tony Soprano's Ma. The abuse killed his Pa. Mine escaped just in time.

I knew a burly 6'2" Navy CPO. His delicate Philippine wife put him in the hospital. Worked out good, tho. The Divorce Judge denied alimony.

A nun broke a thick broom handle pounding my head. I DO have a hard head.

Eddie Murphy skit: Man hits wife. She says, "That's all right. Just go to sleep now." -- Rich Lara