Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pity Poor Justin Trudeau

Dutifully, I reported several weeks ago about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Bieber’s disastrous trip to India. Not only was the boy wonder politician snubbed by the Indian political leadership, he managed to make a complete ass of himself by dressing up in traditional local garb. Most of the time he got it wrong, but his efforts at showing respect for a different culture made him look like someone who lacked pride in his own.

Anyway, the people of Canada, awakening from their multiculturalist somnambulism, are turning against their prime minister. The Washington Post has the story:

For voters who had welcomed Trudeau’s global status as a progressive political leader and proud international standard-bearer for Canada, the images of Trudeau in brash Bollywood outfits at well-known sightseeing spots were a serious comedown.

“When you have foreign media like CNN and BBC making fun of our prime minister, that was jarring for some people and made people question whether he was the best person for the job,” Coletto said.

For critics such as columnist Andrew Coyne of the National Post who see Trudeau as charming but an intellectual lightweight, the India trip simply proved their outlook. “The little things that seemed so charming at first, all those dashing gestures and glam photo ops might well come to seem, at first frivolous, then irritating — an impression of unseriousness compounded by a series of bungled foreign-policy excursions of which the India trip was only the last,” Coyne wrote.

Like Barack Obama running around the world apologizing for America, Justin Bieber’s antics bespoke someone who was weak and ineffectual… to say nothing of clownish. He might have thought that he was standing on the moral high ground. He might even have thought that he was ready for world leadership. He was making a fool of himself. And he was abrogating any leadership position he might have held. 

Not only does he seem unsuited to world leadership, but he has taken a distinctly feminist approach to policy. If he believes that the world will rally to his leadership because he is a self-proclaimed feminist, he has been smoking the wrong kind of cigarettes. 

Thus, he is also embarrassed to be a man. He has lost a large portion of his support among men. If he does not respect himself, why should anyone respect him:

Women have always been partial to Trudeau, not just for his movie-star looks but also his progressive social policies and his self-description as a feminist. Nanos said this divide grew more sharply as he continued to push a pro-feminist agenda, with Trudeau having lost about one-third of his male support since 2015.

“He’s been very gender-focused,” Nanos said. “When you focus so much on gender, it means that other voters, i.e. men, aren’t as important.”

He embarrassed himself. He embarrassed his country. He embarrassed the Western world. Time for Justin-boy to go.

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Sam L. said...

Trudeau is progressive. So is cancer.