Friday, March 30, 2018

Hillary Strikes Back

Still out there complaining about how she lost to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is fighting back in her typically passive-aggressive style.

The Hill has this headline today:

Hillary Clinton fires back at critics: No one told a man who lost an election to shut up.

Surely, there is truth to the accusation.

What Hillary forgets is: no one ever had to. True enough, some presidential losers went back to their old jobs. They spoke up about issues they cared about. They did not belabor their loss with a months-long whine. 

People who respect themselves know when to shut up. People who don't, don't.


Freddo said...

As someone who doesn't use mainstream media anyways I'm very much in favor of them keeping Hillary Clinton in full view so that everyone is reminded of what bullet they dodged. Please let her continue burning attention and goodwill.

Sam L. said...

Poor, POOR, Pitiful Hillary. At least, so far as I know, she hasn't said "Everybody hates me; nobody loves me; I'm going to go eat worms."

I second Freddo's sentiments.

Anonymous said...

I wanted Hillary to shut up before the election.

And to the GOPe, WSJ and Never Trumpers, I say “Behold, the Medusa who almost became Madame President!”

Life is about choices. The intellectuals just want to be right. Looks like Americans made the right choice.

And she’d still lose if we held the election today. Someone please let the smarty pants Republicans know this. .

Anonymous said...

Yes Freddo!,
Oh please let her talk, it's wonderful. Let her talk on and on forever.

Sam L. said...

Hil, that's because the men DID shut up.

RKV said...

Actually, they did tell Mittens to "Go away."

Anonymous said...

Either way, she would have been be walking into this, which our elected has to deal with:

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the fact that many men play sports, notwithstanding that more and more women are competing, men get used to losing at various times in their lives so men know when to walk away. This does not mean that men don't maintain a passion for the things they believe, but that men generally do not obsess about failure. Failure is something most men deal with in their lives so no BIG deal. There is always a number of places where men can compete and win. It is a matter of recognizing the things that really matter no matter how small they seem.
Part of life is learning to lose and win graciously. Life is a lot like music and golf. Some days one is so good they cannot do anything wrong and other days one cannot do anything right.

Christopher B said...

Anon - Good points, and the attitude goes far beyond sports. Even though people make a huge deal about allowing boys to cry, men are still socialized entirely differently to faulure. All the Man Up BS is a direct result of assining men direct responsibility for their failures as a default. I think it would be safe to say Hillary has never accepted responsibility for not completing a task in her life.