Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cultural Collapse in Once-Great Britain

We have been covering the grooming scandals in Once-GreatBritain. Consider it a public service, but also a warning: it can surely happen here.

It’s a horrifying story, a story of human sacrifice, of young girls sacrificed to the gods of multiculturalism. Apparently, #MeToo does not apply in Once-Great Britain, when the rapists are Muslim. To demonstrate their moral backbone, the authorities in Once-Great Britain are quick to deport anyone who has dared ever say a discouraging word against Islam— they punish people for blasphemy.

Mark Steyn sums it all up in a few wonderful paragraphs (via Maggie’s Farm.) I pass them on for your interest:

Because, as in Rotherham, it was white working-class girls being gang-raped by "Asian" men - "Asian" being the coy euphemism for Muslim males of Pakistani origin, notwithstanding that it's immensely insulting to Indian Hindus, Sri Lankans, Chinese, etc. When Douglas indicts the various "arms of the state", we should also add the politicians - Labour and Tory - for whom these stories are not helpful to the multiculti narrative, which is why, in the week of Telford, they chose to ban and deport more explicit threats to public order and social tranquility such as, er, Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone. But, as Douglas notes, we should also indict another arm of the state - the dominant national broadcaster. The BBC was so panicked by the mass sex-slavery of Shropshire children by Pakistani men that, as the German media did after the Cologne sex assaults, they chose not to cover it at all. It wasn't on the BBC News homepage, or the BBC England homepage, or even the BBC Shropshire homepage - although in fairness, after 36 hours of negative online comments, someone from BBC Radio Shropshire managed to file a report on the subject that you'd be forgiven for not spotting because it got less prominence than a compilation called "My Telford", the usual bit of feelgood community boosterism.

And then there was the case of Jimmy Savile, famed BBC personality, exposed as a child molester:

When the child-sex crimes of lifelong BBC presenter Jimmy Savile were posthumously exposed, Commander Spindler of the Metropolitan Police piously announced:

Jimmy Savile groomed a nation.

But Savile's old enablers at the Beeb and Spindler's colleagues in the British constabulary are also grooming a nation. They're grooming Britons to accept that the serial mass gang-rape of English girls is just a social phenomenon, part of the natural order - regrettable perhaps, but nothing to be done about it; and thus the mountain of human debris is merely a small price to pay for the benefits of vibrant diversity. Which means the real problem is these ghastly types boorish enough to draw attention to the sacrifice of English maidenhood to the volcano gods of multiculturalism. Whereas the BBC knows that the proper response is a brief story on Radio Shropshire followed by Part 457 of the "My Telford" diversity fairytale.

Ah, yes… “the benefits of vibrant diversity.” Ought we to notice that the nation that gave us gentlemen and ladies, the stiff upper lift, an advanced sense of dignity and decorum has been done in by multiculturalism.


Dan Patterson said...

The destruction of a once vibrant culture by suicide. There is a remedy but no one will admit it.

Sam L. said...

They dare not SAY it, Dan. Ist VERBOTEN.

Dan Patterson said...

We'll find out about verboten sooner or later.