Friday, March 23, 2018

Beware Strong, Empowered Women

A strong, empowered woman in Florida, by name of Carol Stone, assaulted her husband for having committed a decidedly sexist offense. No, he did not harass her. He did not assault her. He did not ghost her or gaslight her. No, sirree, he forgot their wedding anniversary.

The Daily Mail has the gory details:

Florida woman has been arrested after she was accused of attacking her husband when he forgot their wedding anniversary.

Carol Stone, 35, was detained Wednesday by the Pasco Sheriff's Office after allegedly 'smacking' her husband 'multiple times' on his head and face, reported.  

Police said her husband recorded the assault on his cell phone and has handed it over to deputies.

For those of a more psychological temperament, who want to know why this man would ever have forgotten his anniversary… I hypothesize that he wanted to forget that he was married to her. That seems to have been her own working hypothesis.

Anyway, here's a picture. If this is her mug shot, she looks like she had a very good time of it... and does not feel the least remorse.

Carol Stone was allegedly seriously unimpressed when her husband forgot their wedding aniversary


Sam L. said...

Assault and battery seems to be acceptable as grounds for divorce.

Quinten Quartermain said...

Better to sleep alone.

Ares Olympus said...

I don't know why the idea of physical abuse seems so tame to me. I know how to handle that, and I know who is wrong there. The silent treatment or any passive aggressive tactics are worse by a long shot, at least if you're not ready to walk away yet.

Maybe Stuart is right, and he did it on purpose, so he'd have a reason to divorce her, while keeping his alimony payments slightly smaller. Hopefully he happened to have a video camera running, or took selfies afterwards to show how badly he was abused.

Deana said...

I have noticed recently that a lot of women who are getting their mugshots taken seem to have all received the memo that they need to smile and make it look like a nice picture.

When the mayor of Nashville was recently taken in for her mugshot because of her decision to use taxpayer money to fund her sexual escapades with her security guard, she made it look like a glamour shot.

I’m convinced these women think that by smiling, people will be more likely to forget the reason for the mugshot in the first place. And maybe they are right.

Anonymous said...

There may be a lesson in this admonition: "That which brought you into this world, and may perhaps carry you out of it,—a woman."
Does seem like we are seeing a lot more of this kind of action from women. I would posit that it has always been there, but we just did not want to ascribe to the women in our lives this kind of violence. The old "Bugs Bunny" cartoon where he eventually turns the witch into a female bunny is instructive. As they walk off into the sunset it ends with something like" i know what she is" is in a way an indication of the reality that always existed.
No wonder the feminists hated this cartoon.