Monday, November 11, 2019

"A Generation of Ignoramuses"

Surely, John Hinderaker is right. The greatest threat to America’s future is the way young Americans are being educated. It’s not just about the indoctrination, thought that is part of it. It’s more about the fact that our educational establishment is refusing to do their jobs… in the name of educational equity, or some such. It is hellbent on making American children stupid, because then the underachievers will not feel so bad about underachieving. 

Thus, Stanford University is teaching social justice physics for the students who cannot keep up with physics. And some school districts are going to teach social justice math for students who cannot do real math.

As I have noted on this blog, radical pedagogues believe that we will never attain to true justice if white privilege produces a situation where Asian children outperform the rest. You might believe that there is something intellectually incoherent in railing about white privilege while failing to notice that the best performing children are not white.

If you do so, you are far too intelligent for today’s American scholastic academies. You must be shut up and shut down. In a world where stupidity reigns, you are not allowed to point out a manifest contradiction.

In today’s American colleges students have embraced the idea that we should limit first amendment freedom of expression. Those who express a politically incorrect opinion should be shut down. And silenced.

It is not merely that these students have been receiving non-stop indoctrination. It lies in the fact that they are so stupid that they could not possible argue against a dissenting point of view. If ever they had to deal with facts that seemed to refute their dogmatic opinions they would melt into a puddle. Rather than debate and discuss and deliberate, they want to… shut you the fuck up!

Hinderaker puts it thusly on the Powerline blog:

We face a lot of threats, of course–asteroids, rogue nuclear nations, stateless terrorism, pandemics–but in my opinion, the biggest threat to America’s future is our unbelievably bad public school system. It is hard for those (like me) who went through the public schools decades ago to understand how much things have changed. Academic standards have collapsed; objective testing is out of fashion; corrupt left-wing unions have taken nearly complete control; indoctrination has largely replaced education. The result is that we are raising a generation of ignoramuses.

Consumed by a rage for educational equality our zealot pedagogues have decided to dumb down the smartest children, lest the dumb ones feel bad about their underperformance. And yet, this same idiotic policy, doubtless a reflection of the imbecility of our pedagogues, tells underperforming children that they are doing just fine. And that they should not emulate the example of overachieving children. Thus, in the name of overcoming the performance gap our brain dead pedagogues have devised a way to keep underperforming students ignorant. And that means, more easy to manipulate. The dumber they are the easier it is to get them to believe anything whatever.

At a time when America needs more and more overachievers to manage the new technologies, America’s educators are producing a generation of imbeciles. If you have any doubts about the point, take a look at some of our political leaders. Can you honestly say that you are encouraged by the fact that one of the leading lights in today’s Democratic Party is an idiot bartendress from Queens.

While we are at it, and while we bow down to the goddess of democracy, ask yourself whether you would be inclined to adopt liberal democracy as your governing policy… at the risk of seeing yourself led by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Anonymous said...

Just as Hollywood stars and starlets are "products" of a motivated team,
voice/drama/movement/dance/nutritionists/hairdresser/makeup artists/wardrobe specialists/personal trainers/sales-talent agents...and therefore not really "individuals",
National level politicians are similarly the "product" of a motivated team, stage-managed to best effect to achieve stated goals and to entertain a targeted audience/electorate.

I'm uncertain to what extent the Hollywood crowd is under its dominion, but as time passes, I am more and more convinced the majority of the DC crowd is subject to "control files" ie blackmail, collected over time.

My apologies for the cynicism.

Prohibition of idol-worship has some valuable dividends.
"History" may be another idol in need of scrutiny.


Deana said...

“. . . we will never attain to true justice if white privilege produces a situation where Asian children outperform the rest.”

That is succinct, on target, and absolutely delicious.

Thirty years ago, an older friend of mine who was a junior high teacher told me that she was convinced that there was a coordinated, deliberate effort to dumb down students. I was not in the education field so I didn’t have insight to have a well informed opinion but I remember thinking that perhaps she was mistaken and the problems we were seeing were due exclusively to women working outside the home, increasing chaos in the homes, increased family breakdown, etc.

Now anyone with eyes willing to see can appreciate that she was correct. It was appropriately slow so as not to alarm anyone as to what was happening. It was complete. No sector of education was left untouched. We are now being assured that mathematics and the insistence of relying on evidence and facts are tools of white supremacy.

I am 50. I feel as if we are teetering on a precipice - that space where we still have enough competent people at the wheels of our various institutions that one can still make believe that everything is all right.

In a short amount of time, though, I believe we are going to start seeing decay and gaping holes in institutions and professional fields that will be terrifying.

Who wants to go to a doctor who barely passed “woke” chemistry?

sestamibi said...

She may represent Queens, but her district runs into the Bronx, and she lives there.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Jude Capitalism!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Americans are willing to get stabbed to death over a fried chicken sandwich. Almost Brazil.

Peter B said...

This is looking like a slow motion version of the the Red Guard in the Cultural Revolution. The struggle sessions are starting.

Whether it gets as violent as the Khmer Rouge...