Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Cost of Luxury Beliefs

Consider this modern reality, brought to us from the Small Dead Animals blog (via Maggie's Farm). It speaks for itself.

I had a revealing conversation recently with a student at an elite university. He said that when he sets his Tinder radius to five miles, about half of the women, mostly other students, said they were “polyamorous” in their bios. Then, when he extended the radius to 15 miles to include the rest of the city and its outskirts, about half of the women were single mothers. The costs created by the luxury beliefs of the former are borne by the latter.

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UbuMaccabee said...

Case closed.

BTW, I think soon reCAPTHA will have a new set of visual tests called "I'm not a racist" asking multiple-choice questions and showing 'racist' images from Jim Crow GA. It will be administered by our elite universities.