Saturday, November 23, 2019

Et tu, Goldman Sachs

In yet another sign of America’s rapid cultural disintegration, the venerable Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs has gone all woke. Opening its staff members to derision and ridicule it has instituted a new regime whereby everyone will be able to identify himself by name, rank and preferred gender pronouns. People will even be allowed to advertise their sexual preference.

Imagine what will happen when managers meet with investors in other parts of the world, in Dubai or in Singapore, and announce that they wish to be addressed by their own personal pronouns. Or that they want everyone to know their favorite sexual acts.

And you were worrying about Donald Trump.

The Washington Post has the story, and a pathetic story it is:

Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street’s oldest and most famous banks, announced an initiative Friday to make it easier for employees to be identified by their gender identity, including coaching workers on how to handle meeting new people.

“Proactively share your pronouns to foster an environment of respect and awareness (ex: “Hi, I’m Karen! My pronouns are she/hers. Welcome to the team!”),” the bank encourages employees in the announcement.

A person’s pronoun shouldn’t be assumed by their name or appearance, the bank counsels. “Made a mistake? Don’t make a big deal out of it or draw extra attention to it; instead, make a swift apology and use the correct pronoun(s) moving forward,” the announcement says.

The 150-year old bank also included a cheat of potential pronouns and how they could be used. The gender-neutral “Ze/ Zir (Zem)” can be used in a sentence such as “Ze went to the store” or “I spoke with zir / zem,” the company explains.

As part of phase one of the initiative, employees will also be able to attach flags to their desks that identify them including as an “ally” or “LGBT member.” Next year, as part of the second phase of the initiative, the company’s internal directory will also allow employees to include preferred pronouns.

Imagine it, in a prospectus or an analysis: Ze told me... or, I spoke with zir. 

This radical transformation, one that is likely to divide the company against itself, was inspired by two employees who decided that they were transgender. Thus, to spare the hurt feelings of two people who believe that they can define what the bank calls their authentic selves, everyone is going to be subjected to harassment and scorn:

Goldman Sachs said it launched the initiative after two employees came out as transgender and the bank began to think more broadly about gender issues. “We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where they feel comfortable to be their authentic selves — and that should be welcomed and valued by their team and by the firm,” the bank said in the announcement.

But, seriously, what are these people smoking?


Anonymous said...

I can't decide which is funnier: this story or the ads for Marcus running on TV.

UbuMaccabee said...

Why would I deposit my hard-earned money with a company as frivolous and cringing as this? The titan of investment banking just announced it has castrated itself. The eunuch of Wall St.

dorfer21 said...

My name is Derick and my pronouns are 'President/President's', Malicious compliance for the win