Sunday, November 10, 2019

Enabling Sexual Harassment

The degradation is astonishing. America’s greatest television news outlets have been covering up for rapists… because of politics. It is worth noting, if only in passing, that Ronan Farrow’s story about Harvey Weinstein was published by The New Yorker. Hopefully, the New Yorker will become the rule, not the exception.

It’s all about politics. And it’s largely about protecting the Clinton’s. Harvey Weinstein was a Clinton supporter. He was, in some part, emulating his hero. Apparently, the story would have damaged Hillary’s campaign… by drawing attention to her place as America’s leading enabler of sexual harassment and even rape. Similarly with Jeffrey Epstein. ABC killed a story about Epstein’s sexually deviant activities because Bill Clinton and perhaps even George Stephanoloulos were involved. Again, covering up for the Clintons, the better to enable Hillary’s presidential run. And of course CBS just fired a woman, recently hired from ABC. because they believed her to be the source of the Project Veritas leak of the Amy Robach tape. As you might imagine, Fox News has gleefully followed the story.

NBC, ABC and CBS News have all now appeared to run cover for some of the world’s most powerful rape rings, allegedly killing stories and firing employees who tried to expose the outlets.

As three of America’s biggest networks, these outlets have each become embroiled in controversy in 2019 following multiple separate reports that they have played a part in covering up some of the world’s most powerful rape and pedophile rings.

The allegations range from killing entire stories outing disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, shutting down an interview detailing accusations against alleged child sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and firing an employee who might have tried to hold an outlet responsible.

So, when do the networks have their own #MeToo moment? Rachel Maddow, among others, has begun to speak out. As noted, the New Yorker broke the Weinstein story.

And yet, what will it take for these major television news outlets to cease being propaganda arms of the Democratic National Committee?

Surely, women do not want to think that  #MeToo is just a smokescreen designed to cover the fact that the Clintons are the problem, not the solution. And that the nation’s television news media have been covering for them. How many women would they have sacrificed to put Hillary Clinton in the White House? 

After all, she was nothing but an incompetent fraud. How is it possible that these news leaders could not see through the mythology surrounding the Clintons?


Sam L. said...

My comment on "Media Dupes on Climate Change" applies here, too.

"How is it possible that these news leaders could not see through the mythology surrounding the Clintons?" Now, that's an EASY one! They've developed the ability to KNOW where the Clintons are, so that they can be sure to NOT look at them.

UbuMaccabee said...

#MeToo was fake news. Same people looked the other way when Bubba sexed an intern. It is just a tool to attack some people, but not others. All the left ever cares about is power, and #MeToo was just a way to gas up the car they were driving. I now care a LOT less about sexual harassment in the workplace than I did 5 years ago. Not my problem.