Sunday, November 24, 2019

"Swedish Conditions" in Norway

Norwegians are worrying that “Swedish conditions” are coming to their country.

We all know that “Swedish conditions” refers to the crime wave perpetrated by Muslim migrants in several Swedish cities. I have reported on the problem extensively.

Surely, it’s not surprising to see the tolerant Norwegians start paying for their weakness toward Muslim migrants. Like many multiculturalists they are more worried about not being racists than they are protecting their homes, their children, their nation.

A Norwegian emigrant, Kathrine Jebsen Moore describes the current state of Oslo in Quillette (via Maggie’s Farm):

Over the last month, however, Oslo’s city centre has witnessed an eruption of unprovoked attacks on random victims—most of them ethnic Norwegian men—by what police have described as youth gangs, each consisting of five to 10 young immigrants. The attacks typically take place on weekends. On Saturday, October 19, as many as 20 such attacks were recorded, with victims suffered varying degrees of injuries.

One of the incidents involved a group of young men, originally from the Middle East, detained for attacking a man in his twenties in the affluent west end. According to police, the victim had been kicked repeatedly in the head while lying on the ground, in what appeared to be a random, unprovoked beating. Another victim that weekend was the uncle of Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr, who suffered several broken ribs after being mobbed at the Romsås subway station.

The crimes are not being committed by ethnic Norweians:

Immigrants from certain backgrounds—particularly Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghanis—were many times more likely to commit violent crimes than other Norwegians (including other immigrant groups). In 65 out of 80 crime categories, non-Norwegians were over-represented. The largest discrepancy was in regard to domestic violence: Immigrants from non-Western countries were found to be eight times more likely to be charged for such crimes. Rape and murder were also heavily skewed toward these immigrant groups. Worryingly, the figures showed that second-generation immigrants were more likely to be criminals than their parents.

Even a Labour Party politician is sounding the alarm:

Heidi Vibeke Pedersen, a Labour politician representing the immigrant-heavy area of Holmlia, recently wrote a Facebook post about her own experience, which was subsequently reprinted in VG, Norway’s biggest tabloid, under the headline “We have a problem in Oslo”:

Yesterday, my 15-year-old daughter went past [the suburb of] Bøler on a bus half an hour before another 15-year-old was robbed and beaten. Now I need to make a risk assessment: Is it too dangerous for her to go alone to the youth club…Young people now grow up in an environment where threats and violence are common, where adults might be afraid to interfere, and where they are told that the police are racist…Our part of the city is becoming more and more divided. We have areas that are mainly “Norwegian-Norwegian,” and others that have large immigrant populations. This isn’t diversity.

As it happens, second generation Muslim migrants are more likely to commit crimes than are their parents. The Norwegian government has been trying to treat the problem by showing tolerance. If this continues, Jebsen concludes, the country will find itself facing a far-right party. As of now, such a party does not exist. But if Norway keeps going the way of Sweden and Germany, it will happen there.


UbuMaccabee said...

What's a "far-right" party? One that doesn't want to commit suicide, literally and figuratively? One that doesn't want to allow gang rapes and murder in the streets? One that will actually defend Western Civilization?

Lesson learned. Do not let them in. Ever. They are not like us. They do not think like us and cannot think like us--that's why they are poor and backward in the first place. The same stupid premise that they can be otherwise got us thinking that Iraq would embrace good government and self-rule. How's that working out?

They will never assimilate because they have a defective religious OS and it cannot adapt or be debugged; Islam's grand strategy is to compel everyone to join and eliminate the alternatives. But Islam is an epic civilizational fail. Do you think it's an accident that virtually every part of the globe where they are the majority is a subliterate wasteland?

Note: the original Sam Harris tweet has been censored by the Twitter goons.

Islam IS the problem. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a death cult. Don't let them in. Every nation in Europe has deeply regretted allowing them in; the elites lie about it and the populace seethes with anger. And, as with all Islamic endgames, it ends in a bloodbath--just like it began, out of the desert, waving a scimitar and lopping off heads, taking slaves, and buggering little girls. Jeffrey Epstein has nothing on the life of Mohammed or his henchmen.

Sam L. said...

I've said it before, and I say it again: WHEN will the Norwegian and Swedish men get back to their Viking ancestry?

n.n said...

What's a "far-right" party?

With respect to government, it's anarchy or unstructured governance. Beware the left-right nexus.