Saturday, November 23, 2019

Rising Up Against the Mullahs

It’s an amazing story, largely ignored.

The story involves the ongoing insurrection against the mullahs in Iran. When the Iranian government announced a spike in gasoline taxes, the nation erupted in protest. Clearly, the Trump administration pullout from the Iran nuclear deal and the reimposition of sanctions against the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism were working. Therefore, no one wants to talk about it.

You recall well that the Obama administration, along with its satraps in France and Germany, threw its lot in with the Iranian regime. Even at the expense of relationships with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel.

So, now, while the foreign policy left is horrified over the fate of Jamal Khashoggi, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps is shooting protesters on the streets. And no one cares. It’s 2009 all over again.

Legal Insurrection blog (via Maggie’s Farm) brings us the report from a German newspaper. American newspapers an media outlets have had little to say.

The Iranian regime is using snipers and helicopter gunships to quell anti-regime protests, the media reports disclosed. People witnessed pro-regime sharpshooters firing at unarmed demonstrators, German newspaper Bild reported.

“Verified video footage show snipers shooting at people from rooftops,” the newspaper confirmed. “In at least one instance, a helicopter had been used for the shooting.”

“Verified video footage, eyewitness reports and information from activists outside Iran reveal a horrific pattern of illegal killings by the security forces,” the German daily added.

As for the geopolitics, the blog analyzes it thusly:

In the ongoing standoff between the White House and the Iranian regime, the European Union and Democratic Party have sided with the Mullah of Iran.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is instrumental in creating the EU-Iran trade mechanism, a payment system that allows European governments and businesses to keep trading with Iran by bypassing of U.S. sanctions. French President Emmanuel Macron has offered $15 billion in credit to Tehran to save the fledgling regime.

Closer to home, former Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly been busy advising the Iranian regime on how to maneuver around the current U.S. policy. Almost all Democratic candidates are in favor of restoring the Obama-era deal with Iran.

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has accused President Trump of “walking away from diplomacy” by pulling out of the deal with the Islamic regime that guns down its own people in broad daylight and fiances jihad terrorism worldwide.

Bernie Sanders declared he “would re-enter the agreement on day one of my presidency.” Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Kamala Harris have echoed similar views.

You see why the Democratic Party is hellbent on removing President Trump from office. One suspects that the anguish over poor Ukraine masks a deeper anguish, the one that wants to return to those halcyon Obama days when America was conspiring with Iran to undermine the Middle East and to rid the world of Israel.

Among those who have spoken out, one Nikki Haley: 

106 protesters in 21 cities were killed over the course of the protests in Iran. Hundreds of people have been injured & more than a thousand arrested. We should all stand with the Iranian people who desperately want a better life away from the Iranian regime.

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