Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Leaving Malmo, Sweden

Meanwhile, in keeping with today’s theme, here is a first-hand account of life in Malmo, Sweden. Consider it an addendum to the prior post.

Business manager Henrik Jonsson is moving his family out of Malmo. His article suggests that the city is being abandoned to criminals. (via Maggie’s Farm) I do not need to tell you about the ethnicity of said criminals.

Jonsson writes:

Acts of violence occur so frequently in Malmö that news of one blurs into the next. This year, there already have been 29 explosions in a city of just 320,000. Sweden as a whole is on pace for about 150—or about three per week (as Quillette has reported previously). These are attacks by criminal gangs that usually target other criminals. But the victims are sometimes innocent bystanders. In one recent case, for instance, a female student was severely injured in the face when she happened to pass by a shop that exploded in Lund, a ten-minute car ride from Malmö. The more spectacular attacks have left whole cities such as Malmö fearful and traumatized, as a grandmother explained in a recent Facebook post about a bombing that blew out the windows of a residential building where her grandchildren were sleeping—”… two very frightened Swedish children, whose safe existence just fell apart.”

Writing for the newspaper Expressen that same day, Malmö-based journalist Fredrico Moreno likened his city’s bombing epidemic to a terror spree: “The bombs that wake us at night, that explode so that glass windows fly into bedrooms, have taken thousands of Malmö residents hostage…Friends tell me in passing how they have refurbished or switched rooms at home so that the children are not hurt when there are explosions nearby.” 

As Sweden’s national police chief put it last week, there is “no equivalent” to this bombing campaign in any other Western country. And the violence extends beyond bombings. On Saturday, gunmen killed a 15-year-old boy and critically wounded another at a pizzeria, minutes after yet another explosion in Malmö. Witnesses reported the sound of “an entire clip being emptied.” In August, the city was shaken to its core when Karolin Hakim, a young doctor whose boyfriend is a well-known figure from the city’s criminal underworld, was shot and killed in an affluent Malmö neighborhood. She was carrying her infant baby in her arms. The killer placed a bullet in her head when she was already lying on the street.

One night, when Jonsson was home with his children, gang members broke into his house. When he reported the crime he asked the police officer how best to protect his family:

Half an hour later, I gave a young and resigned-seeming police officer my account of the incident. When I asked him how best to protect my family in the future, he told me the best solution was “not living in Malmö: Things have escalated to a point where we can’t manage the situation.”

As noted in the prior post, the Swedish media and politicians have chosen to ignore reality. They believe that if they keep calling the national migration policy a success then it will become a success.

For years, the Swedish media and political establishment have done their best to play down the trend, dismissing concerns such as my own as alarmist overreactions. Malmö has been hailed as a multicultural success, despite growing evidence to the contrary. “This is a serious situation, but most people shouldn’t be worried, because they are not going to be affected,” the head of intelligence at Sweden’s National Operations Department assured everyone earlier this week. We are also made to understand that the perpetrators are, as one police official put it, “from socio-economically weak groups, socio-economically weak areas, and many are perhaps second- or third-generation immigrants.”

Jonsson, his wife and children are leaving Malmo. If the police cannot protect you, you will have to protect yourself. It’s becoming an exodus, to the point where cities outside of Malmo are advertising their quality of life in television ads.


Le Gaïagénaire said...

The "migrants" suffer from :

Cold climates are not recommended.

whitney said...

To be fair our democrat-run cities are also being abandoned to drug addicts and criminals. This is a feature of the white world around the world

Sam L. said...

As I have said before, "When will Swedish men access their inner Viking, and run amok on the "immigrants".

Anonymous said...


I was going to posit that this was going to happen to all democrat run areas of this country, oh never mind. MS 13 and groups of the same ilk will control Gavin Newsom if they already do not. Kanye, and his businesses are moving to Wyoming. This exodus will eventually turn California into a third world, "shit-hole." I stated before that we as a country may have to quarantine California because the democrat politicians will have created a disaster for all human life.

Peter MacFarlane said...

"it's becoming an exodus"

Also known as "white flight", I believe.

Sam L. said...

Can anyone tell me what Le Gaïagénaire directed us to? I do not read or speak French.