Wednesday, December 18, 2019

College Students Rebel against Hygiene

One would very much like to think that this letter, sent to the inimitable Miss Manners, is a hoax. One likes to stay optimistic, especially when musing about what might happen to our great country once today’s college students grow up and take charge.

We already know that these students have no sense of decorum. We know that they have no manners. We know that they have been brainwashed into mental submission. And we know that they have no problem applauding the political leaders who have turned some of America’s great cities into open air toilets.

Yet, when we peek behind the curtain, we discover, to our boundless chagrin, that these same students have no sense of hygiene, whatever. They do not care about other people and do not care about the medical risks entailed in bad hygiene. They have neither cleanliness nor godliness.

As I say, this letter describes an appalling state of affairs. I quote it in its entirety:

I have worked as a custodian at a university dorm for over 15 years. I keep a professional and friendly relationship with students and staff.

Each year, it seems that the student population using the male restrooms has gotten worse. Increased biohazards from vomit and blood, broken liquor bottles — but the worst is the constant refusal to flush the toilets. Multiple people urinating and defecating in the same unflushed toilet!

I have talked with staff and students on the need for better hygiene for healthier restrooms for all, posted signs, etc. Staff have talked to students, all to no avail. Management refuses to educate because it isn't their job to teach restroom habits. What can I do?

Miss Manners recommends a sign, to be posted in the bathrooms:

“If this is the way you prefer the bathroom be kept, I will try not to disturb your arrangements.”

It would be nice to allow them to wallow in their own filth. And yet, when they fall ill, who is going to pick up the tab?


Anonymous said...

My workplace has a variety of "new americans" on our staff, from a variety of backgrounds.

We have the obligatory "Employees must wash hands before returning to work" signs.
Most comply.

However, HR, or some agency, has found it necessary to post the following reminders in sign form:

1) "No Standing(!?) on the toilet seat to defecate and/or urinate.

2) As the article above notes:
"Flush the toilet after you've used it."

3) "No Spitting in the Trash Cans or Bathroom Sinks."

UbuMaccabee said...

I'm cheering for the bums, wherever they are. As civilization collapses, Durtal growns stronger.

I can't stop laughing. The ape took a duece right in the aisle at Safeway. He must have been laughing so hard walking back to his trash can. That's not shit, that's victory! He even has the good sense to wipe is own ass, he doesn't want shit on his clothes. The guy just crapped right on San Francisco and walks away. Bravo, good bum, bravo! You are winning.

I only have one complaint, he really should have dropped a crap at the Rainbow Co-op on Folsom, not at Safeway. I should lead these guys to the next level; they need me to guide them. But we'll talk about that. Next up: the farmers markets. I would send an army of these guys out there to drop bum turds, incentivize them with dope and greasy food. And car hoods, especially out-of-state plates.

Whaever is bad for defective California is good for normal America. We are innoculating the nation this way.

whitney said...

They're trained not to flush. It's wasting water

jim sweeney said...

It is typical for Filipinos to stand and squat on a toilet. They also use water to clean eschewing toilet paper which is infrequently found. And Arabs don't shake hands for a good reason. It's not just our kids. Much of the world has such habits.