Sunday, December 8, 2019

The So-Called Mind of AOC

Among her proudest achievements former bartendress turned member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez counts her success chasing Amazon out of Queens. 

You see, the company had chosen to locate an eastern hub in the district abutting AOC’s, but as soon as the former bartendress started attacking the governor for offering Amazon a monetary incentive, the company saw the lights and debarked for friendlier climes. No one bothered to note the amount of tax money, paid by the company and by it employees. 

We must also give some credit to New York Mayor, aka, Comrade de Blasio whose singular ineptitude in articulating the matter must have told the company that New York was not chock-a-block with bright talented young people yearning for high paying jobs.

Well, now the ignorant bartendress feels vindicated. You see, Amazon has just leased space in Manhattan. It will bring jobs to New York City, though far away from AOC’s constituents. And it has done so without having received any incentives.

As for the lease, The Wall Street Journal reports the news:

The giant online retailer said it has signed a new lease for 335,000 square feet on Manhattan’s west side in the new Hudson Yards neighborhood, where it will have more than 1,500 employees. 

AOC gloated:

“Won’t you look at that: Amazon is coming to NYC anyway - *without* requiring the public to finance shady deals, helipad handouts for Jeff Bezos, & corporate giveaways.”

The New York Post elaborated:

She followed that with a picture of herself sitting on a yellow couch with the caption, “Me waiting on the haters to apologize after we were proven right on Amazon and saved the public billions.”

Let’s try a little reality check. Amazon is going to hire 1,500 people for its Hudson Yards facility. The Queens hub would have hired 25,ooo. Do the math, people.

Needless to say, many people who are significantly more numerate than AOC quickly replied:

“You went from 25,000 Amazon jobs in your district to just 1,500 being offered OUTSIDE your district. You’re an idiot if you think this is a success for your constituents,” Caleb Hull, a director at the GOP-leaning political consulting firm Targeted Victory, tweeted.

Real estate entrepreneur Jason Haber tweeted, “I bet a lot of shopkeepers and store owners in LIC would have loved those customers in the neighborhood instead of in manhattan [sic]. Plus, what they are taking in Manhattan is much smaller in scope than HQ2.”

Imagine that. AOC is an idiot. It’s the least we can say. Just think, she has become the face of today’ s Democratic Party. One suspects that the impeachment farce is designed, among other things, to draw attention away from the bigoted radical imbeciless who have taken over a once-proud political party.

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trigger warning said...

AOC, IMO, is the incarnation of the Canonical Witless Progressive. As such, she is a national treasure, destined, I hope, to bring decades of mirth to the national scene.