Monday, December 9, 2019

Throwing Joe Biden under the Bus

Once upon a time Elizabeth Warren seemed to be the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. And then, pouff, the sound you heard was the air  being expelled from the Warren balloon. It seemed to have begun when Stephen Colbert challenged the senator on whether or not she was going to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for her great plans. 

If you recall, Warren was dumbfounded at the question. I suspect that she had expected a softball interview from the funny man left… and felt that she had been set up. 

Her campaign has not been the same since. If I had to read into the Colbert ambush and other media commentaries, I suspect that it meant that the intellectual grandees had decided that she could not win. Thus, that her candidacy had to be sacrificed.

Now, while many of these same media mavens are looking on in horror at the prospect of senile Joe Biden sputtering through a debate with President Trump, they seem to be starting to undermine his candidacy. For now they believe that they can induce Hillary Clinton into the race, and would it not be better to choose Ms. Cough Drops over muttering Joe Biden.

They got this idea when they saw Hillary being interviewed by Howard Stern. I have not listened to the entire interview-- I have not yet reached that level of masochism-- but apparently Mrs. Clinton addressed the longstanding rumors of her attraction to the fairer sex. Rumor had it that the Clinton marital arrangement allowed Bubba to bed as many women as he wanted. And that it allowed Hillary to bed as many women as she wanted. Fair and balanced, I would say.

I suspect that Stern did not ask Hillary why she and her husband had taken so many trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch, but, you can guess what she was doing down there. Naturally, no one is asking her about why Epstein had a picture of her husband, President Bubba himself, decked out in a blue dress, in the parlor of his Manhattan townhouse. 

As always, the Clintons have denied all suggestions and all evidence that either of them had anything to do with Epstein. As for Hillary’s close relationship with Harvey Weinstein, I suspect that the issue was not raised.

Apparently, the rumor of Hillary’s affair with the comely Huma Abedin had become an issue in the minds of many voters. Thus, Hillary chose to put the issue to be by declaring that she had never, ever had the least lesbian temptation.

Obviously, this is a lie. As is well established from extensive research, all women find women to be at least slightly attractive. The only people who do not find girl-girl sex to be even a tad alluring are gay men. The attraction women feel toward other women does not define their sexual orientation, but an absolute denial can only be a lie. Keep in mind, when Hillary was traveling the nation during her campaign she was sharing a suite with Huma. 

Anyway, the Hillary interview set Democratic operatives to salivating. What if they did not have to go with Biden? What if they could entice Hillary out of retirement and into the race?

Anyway, those who are yearning for Hillary’s resurrection can take comfort in this NPR interview with Joe Biden. Like Warren on Colbert, Biden must have suspected that the interviewer would be friendly, if not fawning. Surely, he did not suspect that he was going to be hit with Republican talking points on NPR. 

Here is an account from Zero Hedge:

Joe Biden has thrown his former staff under the bus for not informing him of the multiple red flags raised over his son Hunter's employment with Ukraine's Burisma. He also claims he had no idea Hunter was hired to sit on the gas company's board of directors until after the fact.

Here is the NPR transcript, questions in boldface:

George Kent, the State Department official, testified that he raised it to you, and your staff.

No, he didn't say me. He did not say me.

To your staff. To your staff, I stand corrected.

I never, never heard that once at all.

To your staff. And your staff told him he has no bandwidth for family matters.

Well, my son was dying, so I guess that's why he said it, because my son was on his deathbed. But that, that's not the reason why — they should have told me. 

How competent is the staff that could not raise the matter with the boss? 

And note the illiterate construction in the first Biden answer.

How about maybe, just maybe, his son should have told him. Does anyone really believe that young Hunter never said a word about it to his father? Seriously….

And then, when Axios interviewed Biden, he upped the denial:

Then in an interview with Axios, Biden claimed that he knew nothing of Hunter's board position until after the fact, none of it is suspicious, and we shouldn't investigate because he trusts Hunter.

None of it makes any sense at all. It is so dishonest that only a true believer would accept it.

Zero Hedge concludes:

So - Hunter Biden is hired to sit on a board with the former president of Poland (who said he was hired due to the Biden name), and an ex-CIA guy - all while Joe Biden is in charge of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration, and we are supposed to believe the Vice President of the United States didn't know about it, nor did anyone notify him there was an obvious conflict of interest.

Are Democratic political operatives getting cold feet at the prospect of seeing stuttering Joe Biden stand up at a debate and try to lie his way out of it.

They might think that Hillary Clinton is looking better every day.


trigger warning said...

"They might think that Hillary Clinton is looking better every day."

Metaphorically speaking, I assume. Those multicolored designer yurts she favors blessedly leave as much as possible to the imagination.

UbuMaccabee said...

Joe Biden is hilarious. I’m enjoying his performance. His head is filled with potato salad. I hope he challenges someone to a fight soon.

UbuMaccabee said...

The Democratic Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our media. Our media grandees determine who is eligible, who is not, and who will get their approval to move forward.

If they want you gone, you go bankrupt from a barrage of lawsuits and government investigations. Or you are publicly tarred and humiliated. Or both. They put you on perpetual defense while they chip-chip-chip at your credibility, destroy your reputation, and ruin you financially.

RGPM said...

Hillary is even more hated now - by more people - than she was in 2016. She lost in 2016, so how could she possibly win in 2020. Unemployment is at its lowest level in 50 years.